My First Ace

By: M S
Posted: July 25, 2011

This was my first Ace. It was a cold windy day at a local golf course where me and my friend went to just mess around. I'm 20 years old and have been playing golf for about 6 years now and I'm getting better. Over the summer i made my first eagle and i posted it on he, now im back with my ace. The craziest thing about this whole thing is the ball i got my eagle with is the ball i got my Hole-n-One with. Well I was on hole 6, 162 yards, with wind in my face i pulled out my 8 iron teed it up and just put a little draw on it. I hit it pure and didn't really see where it winded up. We walked around the green for like 5 minutes and he said just as a joke why don't you go look in the hole. So i did thinking i wouldn't see anything and low and behold there was my Pro V1 sitting there looking back at me, and i was so happy my friend ran up to the green to see. I was so happy i called the club house to tell them. Thats my Ace story.

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kent m

I have been golfing for over 45 years but no hole in one until today.  I hit a sweet pitching wedge from 110 yards and my Titleist NXT Tour just rolled into the hole.  Perfect day!

frank b

Mohawk Park G.C. in Tulsa OK was my first and only.  I was a freshman on the H.S. team playing #2 man.  The #1 girl! (a serious player), guy, and I always practiced together.  My 129 skinny pound body hit a five iron into a little breeze, 165 yards.  The hole was blind, nobody saw it go in.  On my walk to the green I saw a ball against a tree over the green.  I was walking back to play it and it was a piece of styrofoam cup.  Lisa and Greg both hollered "it's gotta be in the hole Frankie!"  I went up and scooped out that balata.  I kept my cool....for a moment.  A few seconds later, the world new I made an ace.  What a trip!

Donald M

At age 70 you think your chances of making a hole in one have just about dwindled to the point of impossible.  Well the impossible happened on 5/24/12 at one of the two courses where I work as clerk in the pro shop.  I was playing with one of my fellow employees and was having a rather bad round, it was only my fourth rouund of the season.  I made a comment as we walked off the 4th green that this might be my last round of the year.  On the 5th tee box I played first, 133 yard, downhill par 3, with water behind the green.  When I hit the ball I could tell it was a good shot and was tracking a flight path right at the flag.  It hit the green about 25 feet short and was rolling towards the pin, I'm thiking to myself I could wind up with a short birdie putt.  My playing partner yells, just like they do on TV, "go in the hole", and the next thing you know that little white ball disappeared from sight.  Needless to say we were both quite excited, my attitude changed and both our games improved for the rest of the round.  This made for a great day of golf.


I had been playing for 25 years and at the age of 64 when I hit my first hole in one

at Whispering Lakes, Ontario, Ca on the 16th hole, 162 yards using Taylor Made 2-hybrid rescue and a Titleist NXT tour ball.

edward h

This was my very first hole in one. The good thing was I was with best friends. I did not have too tell them about it; they were their with me. So joy was enjoyed by all of us. Not often that you get to share such a wonderful act of luck.

Tom N

First hole in one after 52 years of golf.

Pete F

My first Hole in One after playing about 50 years. I was glad my nephew was playing with me and he was able to witness the shot. My  Dad and his two brothers accumulated 21 Hole in One's in their lifetime!

Michael F

Great story, you should definitely get it into the Golficity Hole in One Club!

Elaine P

My first hole in one at Pelican of Cane Gardens in The Villages, Fl. Great feeling and great shot, Hole # 8, 96 yards with a 7 Hybrid and dead on line. I have been playing golf for 2 years and my husband is my coach. We love living in the Villages and play golf about 4 times per week.

Great day to get and Hole in One on 4/2/13.

Ron R

This was my first Ace ! It was at Hiddenbrooke golf club in american canyon ca.on hole # 13 whitch was 151 yds over a canyon pin was left and back pin wind was blowing from south about 10Mph I grabbed an 8 iron and was telling my group about mt friends hole in one a few years back , Then i hit a shot just left of pin and int spun right into the hole it was a GREAT moment