This was my first Ace. It was a cold windy day at a local golf course where me and my friend went to just mess around. I'm 20 years old and have been playing golf for about 6 years now and I'm getting better. Over the summer i made my first eagle and i posted it on he, now im back with my ace. The craziest thing about this whole thing is the ball i got my eagle with is the ball i got my Hole-n-One with. Well I was on hole 6, 162 yards, with wind in my face i pulled out my 8 iron teed it up and just put a little draw on it. I hit it pure and didn't really see where it winded up. We walked around the green for like 5 minutes and he said just as a joke why don't you go look in the hole. So i did thinking i wouldn't see anything and low and behold there was my Pro V1 sitting there looking back at me, and i was so happy my friend ran up to the green to see. I was so happy i called the club house to tell them. Thats my Ace story.