Hole-in-one stories

A Borrowed Ball for an ACE

My hole-in-one came on the 17th hole @ The Brook in Versailles, KY. We were playing from the blues, the hole was playing to 146 yards so I pulled out my 9 Iron, and I had been killing the ball day with my irons. But after finishing the 16th hole I had to switch balls due to a scuff on my ball. My partner for the day handed one of his PRO V1X to use on the par 3. I checked the yardage then stepped up to tee, looked over the water protecting the green and took the shot. I could tell I crushed it was going to be a good shot, as this towering shot begins to fall to the earth we loose sight of the ball due to the late afternoon shadows. I never saw the ball land, my friend then takes his shot & we proceed to the green. We approach the green & can't see my ball; I'm looking for a divot anywhere & can't find one. Fearing I overshot the green I tell him to go ahead & put, I go to pull the flag & OMG!!!!! The ProV1 is sitting so nice in the cup! I LOVE PRO V1!!!

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Took 44 years but I finally did it

By: jimk83

I've been playing golf since I was 10 years old and had come close to a hole in one many, many times. Finally on September 28 2011 at Goodpark Golf Course in Akron, Ohio it happened. The 9th hole is a long, 202 yard par 3 which was playing 191 yards that day from the white tees. I hit a flush 3 hybrid and it was dead on line with the pin but I thought it was short. It was getting late in the day and we couldn't see the ball after it landed. When I got to the green I was looking all over for it when my partner suggested I look in the hole. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it! Finally, after all these years! What a great feeling and what a great game. I hadn't played particularly well that day, but those are the kind of shots that keep you coming back for more
Jim Kane
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

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My First One

By: janc4

I had my 1st hole-in-one at Firestone Country Club, West Course, Hole #3, 159 yards!
I thought I saw it passed the hole and then ... when we got up there...we didn't see my ball on the green...we thought it rolled off the green...but...I didn't think the ball coould roll that far...so...we looked at the cup...and then...I heard SCREAMING & YELLING & LAUGHING..."your ball is in the hole"!!! I was shaking!!! We opened the French Champagne and celebrated my Hole-in-One at the Grill Room afterwards!
It was great! I would never dream to have a Hole-in-One at that course, I just joined there last year! Love it!

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Lams Links

hey titleist, my name is mackenzie kerfoot i am 14 years of age and i live in washington state, last night(Wednesday)i was in a weekly tournament at lams golf links, it was a scramble format and my team started in the fifth hole, we finished the first two and we came up the the 8th hole 151 yards, i teed of and my swing has a natural draw and it went straight threw a tree. i thought it hit around in the tree and stopped so i was looking below the tree and near that area when my partner decided to look in the hole, he said in a calm voice its in the hole, and by the tone of his voice i automatically thought he was lying, he asked me what i was shooting, i said titleist he said titleist 1? i was in kind of disbelief so i walked up to the hole, and sure enough was my titleist nxt tour #1 i was ecstatic and couldnt stop smiling. and the crazy part is ive only been playing titleist for two days! so i want to thank you titleist for giving the shot of a lifetime at such a young age.

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Darn it Edith I need to see if it is in

I tee of first and hit my 8 Iron, drawing it in from right to left over the lake. We watch it land and roll towards the pin into the shadows. None of us can tell if it is in or not but know it's close. I now have to wait for my 3 playing partners to hit up before I can check it out. Edith, a really good golfer tees off last and splashes her tee shot. I wait. She drops and I start edging up towards the green. She splashes her 2nd shot. I wait. She drops and splashes her 3rd. I am done waiting! I head towards the hole with Bob and we do not see my shot on the surface. I look into the cup and there is my Titleist #2 looking right up at me. What a sight! Thanks Titleist for my 1st Hole in One. Thanks Edith for giving me an even better story and getting the picture of me catching sight of my ball in the hole. I love this game.

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