Hole-in-one stories

Fourth Hole in One

Windy day and I hit a rare 8 Iron shot using a forged steel shafted and head club...registered Patty Berg clubs from yesteryear that I keep in my home in FL to avoid shipping my set from IL. I did not see the ball go in as I turned away and upon reaching the green said "Oh pooh, it must have gone over the green. one lady in my foursome said Barb it went in and still not believing we walked to the cup and lo and behold there was that cute dimpled Pro V1...starring up at me!. That is my fourth hole in one and I feel blessed as I am 74 years old. Love my Pro V1 balls...they are the best. Thanks Titleist. Barb Kobel

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Friendship and a Once In A Lifetime Thrill

It was a beautiful afternoon with a slight breeze and the course was not too busy. I was golfing with my best friend who I introduced the game of golf to. This was about his 10th time golfing and his game is coming along nicely.

Upon standing on the elevated tee box on hole number 17 I was on pace to break 40 for the back side. I was addressing the ball when Mark said "Put it in the hole Barney".

I hit a low shot that was heading just left of the pin with a slight fade. I said "that could go in Mark" he said "no way!" upon saying that I thought I saw the ball roll into the hole!?

We raced to the back of the green and upon getting out of the golf cart we saw what looked like a ball resting on the back fringe of the green. My heart sunk with dissapointment. As we got closer we saw what looked like the ball was a piece of paper! Upon seeing this we raced to the cup and there was the ball resting in the cup for my first ever hole in one! Mark jumped into my arms and we hugged each other and let out screams of excitement and joy!!!

I will forever remember this lifetime experience! Thank you Titleist!

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2 Aces and One Brand

I purchased my Titleist MB 710 forges iron in early 2011. Since putting them in the bag I carded not one, but two hole in ones with these incredibly workable irons. The ace at Chambers Bay in University Place Washington will forever be etched in my memory. The scenic 155 yard par 3 number 9 was the stage. Charles Waggoner (PGA Professional) was on my bag for the day. As we approached the tee he drew the shot up and said if I hit a nice high draw and landed it left of the hole it would feed back and be close....As I stood on the tee with my 710 nine iron and my Pro V 1 teed low I put a effortless swing on it that produced the exact shot Charles had called for..It was a high soft draw that landed softly on a ridge left of the hole on spun down the hill about 15 feet and fell in the hole.....the feeling I had at that moment is not describable with words...Thanks to Titleist for all your effort and innovation...Could not have done it without you...Thanks, Shane Poston

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Always on the Weekend

My first ace happened during a tournament at the Grandview G.C., Springfield, Missouri on July 25, 1970. The second, third and fourth occurred this year on July 24, 2011, July 31,2011, and September 18, 2011 at the Beaver Creek Country Club, Hagerstown, Maryland.

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what are the odds

I am in the Minneapolis, MN area on business. I have an afternoon off and my friend suggests we go to a local first tee course - Eagle Lake Youth Golf Center - and play nine holes. I have no clubs, no shoes, etc. But it's a beautiful day. The folks at the course let me use a rental set of miscellaneous clubs none of which are going to prompt envy in another golfer. But I did dig around in the ball bin and find a decent ProV1x. Second hole, 125 yards, I hit a three quarter wedge. The ball lands pin high, one foot left of the hole, takes one bounce forward and spins back in. My second hole in one.

The odds of a hole in one are high enough with your own clubs on your own course. The only thing I was using which was familiar was the ball. What are the odds?

Thanks Titleist!!

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