Hole-in-one stories

16 fear no more

This was my first hole in one, at age 32. I was playing in a Shamble with Calcutta scoring, teams of 3 at Shelby Oaks where I am a member in Sidney Ohio. The course selects the teams to even out the handicaps. I didn't know my two teammates. We had done a shotgun start starting on hole 18 where I had said it's better than starting on 16, my least favorite hole on the course. 16 was our next to last hole. I asked my team mates the yardage to the front pin and they said 150 yards. There was a slight breeze at our back. I usually hit my 8 iron around 145 yards so I was planning to give it all I had to get it there. I teed up my ProV1 #2 lined it up and swung as hard as I could and as soon as it took off I was just hoping the distance was right as it approached the hard sloped left to right green it sailed just left of the flag stick. It hit the green just short left of the flag with the perfect amount of spin and we watched as if time stood still as it drifted to the right about 3 feet and disappeared into the cup. My teammates I had just met and I went from strangers to friends celebrating on the tee box for all of the course to hear.

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right to the cup

We were headed to the sixteenth hole at Columbia Golf Course in Columbia, Illinois. After an un eventful round of usual golf i pulled out my "second" wedge at the 116 yard par 3. I hit this wedge higher and no more than 120yds. Smooth transition through the ball headed to the green with the hole cut 12 paces on and 20 yards from the water. Bam! Stuck the shot 18-19 inches left of the hole and that left to right spin i have spun it right in the hole. My only hole in one! so far.

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College Qualifying

By: cmr1

I was going into my 2nd year at Kentucky Wesleyan College and I arrived at school a few days early that year (I am from Canada so I drove down to school). Our golf coach at the time called me and another player to play a round of golf and keep score for qualifying. I’m not going to share specifics about the guy that I played with, but we didn’t exactly get along that well at times. He wanted to beat me and I wanted to beat him. So we’re playing at a course in Kentucky and we teed off on the back nine first. After 9, I was up a few shots, but I 3-putted a few holes and the guy I was playing against was beating me. Going into the last hole – par 3 – he was up by 3 shots. I aced the 9th (our 18th) with a 9 iron (Titleist 695CB and Pro V1x) and he was so jacked up that he hit it over the green and made 4. We both shot 74. Probably the most satisfying shot of my life. It was my second ace.

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the time i beat my dad

i take out my 9 iron and tell my dad bet you 50 dollars i can get it closer to the flag than you. then i just see my ball go past the hole but what i forgot is that i put alight of spin and there was a drop. so i see the ball roll down a and (bam!!!). the only thing i could say is that i came home with 50+ dollars.

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Just Luck

What can i say,its just pure goodluck!!!! Well i must say it was my 2nd one but ill take it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks and enjoy

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