Hole-in-one stories

our 17th annual mountain gataway

Our group of retired telephone workers get together every sept.for a lot of good food,drinks and most of all laughs in north central pa. Our final round of golf found us at Tyoga Country Club in Wellsboro. when we got to a very scenic 153 yrd. hole #5 surrounded by bunkers with a small stream in front,I was amazed as the rest when my 7 iron titelist pro-v1 landed 3 ft. passed the cup,backed up and disappered. HI FIVES all around.

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League Champs

I had my first hole-in-one two weeks ago (9-13-2011). I used an 8 iron on the 160 yard par 3, 17th hole of The Elms Country Club in Massillon, OH. It was a well struck shot, dead at the pin. We knew it has close, but, the hole was tucked behind the lip of a bunker and could not be seen from the tee. When we got to the green and didn't see my ball I assumed it was either long or short, turns out I was wrong, it was in the hole! Oh, by the way, this was during our league championship round, the match was neck-and-neck through 16...

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Two in Nine

While playing the Heron Lakes Greenback course in Portland Oregon on Friday Sept. 23 with 2 close friends and a pickup guy, I scored 2 holes-in-one on the same 9 with the same ball. No. 3 is about 130 yds., and No. is about 180 yds. Both shots were basically hit the same, just to the left of the flag and they hit on the front edge and rolled in like a putt. I read online that the odds of getting 2 holes-in-one on the same rounmd is about 1 in 67,000,000. I shouold have bought a lottery ticket!

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1st ace

By: joshr5

This hole looks like a piece of cake on paper. 66yrd par 3. Not much else. What you dont realize is that most of the time the pin placement is in such a tough spot that you have to almost run it up there. If you hit the green chances are you will run it off into the ravine that is just behind it.

Well this day I was playing my normal early morning Sunday game with a good friend. We get up to the hole and as normal I take my 60 degree out and just think about landing it short and having it check up. I put a good swing on it and though for sure I was in the water. The ball landed in the perfect spot and tracked to the hole and in. I was in shock. My friend was going crazy. I stood there in shock, its such a good feeling when you see that ball disappear in the hole. It's such a good feeling walking to the green and not having to use your putter. And its also great seeing a 1 one the score card

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What an Amazing Day

By: caylc1

I started playing golf five years ago. I am attending Eastern Wyoming College in Torrington, Wyoming, on a Golf Scholarship. On September 15 and 16th, we were hosting the Torrington Invitational College Golf Tournament. The second day started off ok and I was on my second hole. I tee'd off and we were all watching the ball. It looked like it possibly hit the flag on the pin. When we walked down to the green we couldn't find the ball. One of the players said, "let's look in the cup". Sure enough - there was my ball!!! Definitely an amazing day!!!!

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