Hole-in-one stories

second one in a month

On Aug. 22nd 2011 I had a hole in one at Bowling Green Country Club South course hole # 8 with a 8 iron
And then today Sept 26th 2011 at Bowling Green Country Club North course I had a hole in one on hole # 8 with a 8 iron.I've had a great year.

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My 2nd Ace

By: benw33

Got my 2nd hole in one, First in 10 years, 2 months, 21 days. Unfortunately with the mist and fog I couldn't see this one drop but we heard it since it went in on the fly.

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After playing golf for over 33 years, I finally can say:


It happened at White Deer Run Golf Club in Vernon Hills, IL on September 24, 2011 at the 12th hole. At the 180 yards par 3, with a light drizzel and a bit of a breeze blowing from left to right, my Titleist 1 NXT found the bottom of the cup... Love that 7 Wood!!! Finished the round with a 79, the best of the year.

Klaus Buellesbach

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Pure Luck

It was labor day weekend and the plans were to go play a round at this tough new course close to home. People were busy so i made plans with the family instead. Next thing i know i'm getting a call being begged to be a forth. After denying their request a couple times i finally decided to go (with the wifes approval to bail on them, or course). After a long day of scrambling finally we get to the 17th. 168 yards, course alongside a lake so you know its windy and i'm between clubs. So going back and forth between a 7 and 8, the 7 i was even lucky to still have in my bag after attempting to break it over a tree the week before, i chose to use my two club lengths and back off the box and use the still in tact 7. As i'm marking off my club lengths i'm thinking to myself, i must look like a fool cause i'm nowhere near a good enough golfer that this would ever matter. As luck would have it i hit a crisp 7 knocking down two feet in front of the hole, one hop and in for my first ever hole-in-one. So between not going to play, having the right club, and using my club length it was all PURE LUCK.

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John Krum hole in one

I hit a sweet shot that I knew was going to be on the green so I turned away to put my club in the bag & my fried told me the ball went in the hole. I called him a liar until I walked up & looked in the hole & saw my ball laying there. What a surprise.

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