Hole-in-one stories

Long Time Golfer makes Hole In One

It was a beautiful day on Saturday afternoon, Oct. 15, 2011 about 2:40pm at Riverside Golf Club in Grand Prairie, TX. where he was playing in a two (2) day, 36 hole medal play tournament. Hole # 5, a 121 yrds. par 3 was tucked back in the trees surrounded by the west fork of the Trinity River and the wind was blowing slightly from the south (toward the green - down wind). He selected his PING i3 Pitching Wedge that he just had regripped a day earlier at the famous Lou's Golf Shop in Carrollton. When he tee'd his Titlist Pro V 1 (#6) up he was thinking "I'm down wind so I shouldn't make a full back swing because of the wind".

Once the ball was struck, he quickly realized he may have hit the ball too hard. "Oh, I hit it too hard. . . It's going to go past the pin"! Then suddenly the flight of the ball started it's decent down and bonced once on the green in front of the pin and in the hole it went. That's right; a Hole-in-One!

Immediately, Russ and his playing partners (and witnesses) Dr. Charles "Doc" Christopher & Warren Lee shouted and they congratulated him for the fabulous shot. By the time he reached the green and plucked the ball out of the cup, golfers on other holes & tee boxes were watching him and cheered as he retreived his ball. Needless to say, it was a very proud moment for Russ.

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What a day Hole in one

Hole in one on at special day - 11 september 2011 truly a day to remember in many ways. I have been on a golfweekend with my wife and good friends. We played Markusminde Golfcourse, and when we came to hole 12, par 3 120 yards, I took a wedge and made hole in one. When we came in to the club-house, I got a bottle of whiskey and they would keep the ball, because it should up in board to the others, who have made hole in one. We got a large beer and could not stop talking about the happening. What a day ......

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First Ace Mother and Daughter Moment

By: kylam1

I was playing a practice round at Pine Bluff Country Club in Pine Bluff Arkansas on August 23, 2011

Since I teed off in the late afternoon it was starting to get pretty dark by the time I reached the 16th hole. The 16th hole is 109 yards long and I would normally hit a PW but something told me to take one club more, so I took out my 9 (Titleist AP1 of course!)and teed up a Titleist ProV1.

My wonderful Mom who came down from Canada for the week to help me move back into school, was my golfing companion for the day. She doesn't actually play golf but she is the most supportive parent in the world & an amazing golf cheerleader! So I tee off and made arguably the best swing of my life and I saw it take one hop but then I couldn't really tell what it did after that because it was so dark.

My Mom was getting so excited saying "that's so close! maybe it's in!" we drive up, run on the green and the ball was in the bottom on the cup!!! Lots of hugs and phone calls were made after that! My first ace at 23 years old and it was so special to have my Mom there for it!!

Thanks Titleist! I literally could not have done it without you!

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Happy Birthday after 40 years

Tuesday October 11th was my 45th birthday. I have been playing golf since the age of 5. I have been a low single digit handicap for the majority of those year, over that time, I have witnessed 7 hole in ones but sad to say, none of them were mine. I play close to a full bag of Titleist clubs at this time but a couple of years ago switched balls to a competitor. On the night of Friday October 7th I was getting everything ready for my weekend rounds of golf. I noticed I did not have many balls left and it was too late to go to the store. I remembered I had a dozen ProV1 balls in my desk at work with my company logo on them so I decided to drive the 15-20 miles to work to get the balls for the weekend.

On Saturday, I played my opening 9 holes in 3 over par 39 but finished the round with 4 birdies for a 3 under 33 on the back nine. On Sunday I played the first 4 holes in even, birdied number 5 and then lipped out a birdie on 6. Went to the 7th tee, a 174yd par three, slightly up hill and into the rising sun. My 12 year old son hit his shot right past the flag over the back edge of the green. I hit my 6 iron a couple feet left of the flag but lost it in the sun when it landed. My other friend hit his 6 iron on the left center of the green and we headed up to the green. I commented that I should be tight but when we arrived at the green, there was only one ball on the green. My friend identified the ball on the green as his, my son found his in the rough behind the green and there was no traces of my ball. I voiced my displeasure because I was sure I was tight. I was surprised I could have hit that club over the green but went to my bag to grab a wedge figuring I would find it behind the green. On the way to the back of the green I decided to check the hole and could not believe my eyes. My ProV1 was sitting in the bottom of the hole and my company logo was looking up at me. Finally after 40 years of golf I had my own hole in one.....it would have been great if I could have watched it go in the hole but at the end of the day I don't care...I can finally say I have my one. The great thing is that my son was there to see it as well. At 12, he is becoming a very good player and has come close to his own. I figured the I would witness his before mine for some added torture.

To finish the story, after making my hole in one, I promptly bogged the next hole but finished the round with 2 more birdies for a 4 under 68. While driving home, I realized that the last 27 holes played that weekend included 7 birdies and 1 hole in one....all made while playing the ProV1 for the first time in a few years. Needless to say, I have decided to go back to the ProV1s.

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my first hole in on

While playing in my High school invitational, I scored an ace on hole #12 using my favorite ball the nxt. The good thing was that i got to see the ball go in as well as the group behind us waiting to tee off

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