Hole-in-one stories

First year golfer

This is my first year golfing. I was at Stoughton Acres in Butler,Pa. My friend Mark White and myself were at a par 3 and i was using a pitching wedge. I hit a nice draw off the tee box.

He kept telling me, man that looks like a good ball and i was like yea it will be on the green. Little did i know when it hit the green it started rolling back about a foot at a time with a huge chunk of mud on it. We looked at each other and he said hey man i think that has a chance to drop and for a second i thought theres no way that's going in. As it kept getting closer it seem like time had stopped for a second and the ball was so close to the hole then after it was rolling back it dropped in the cup. We looked at each other in complete shock and realized i got a hole in one! We went crazy like 2 kids on Christmas. So much fun that day and would not have wanted anyone else with me that day , but my best friend mark white.

What makes this story is that its so hard to get a hole in one , but to get one your first year golfing is unheard of.

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October 22 2011 ace

My wife Cindy (also playing an NXT) birdied 9, 10, 11, 13, and 14. I got the ace on 17 and she proceeded to get a 2. So we had a total of 3 between us on the par 3. This was an exceptionally fun and memorable back 9.

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Paul St Martin Hole in One

I hit a great shot with my 56 degree wedge. The ball landed just short of the pin and we watched as the ball rounded into the cup. I was playing and my wife and 2 friends. What a great day.

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What a weekend, and invitation to see the Chicago Blackhawks win game 2 of the Stanley cup finals followed by a golf outing the next day at Elliot Golf Course in Rockford IL. Hole number 7 was playing 204 yrds with pin cut into the back. Playing with borrowed clubs from a local pro shop pro the iron was struck pure. At first we thought it rolled off the back of the green not being familiar with the hole. What excitement to walk up to the hole and see the ball in the cup. My 1st hole in one after many torn lips, bounce off flag sticks, lip outs, and stopping short. Shared with two of my closest friends and fellow golfers made it even sweeter.

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Temporary Hole in One

By: jon c1

We were playing the day before New Year's Eve. The 10th hole was moved up because the fairway was damaged due to rain. So we hit from the lay up area instead of the regular tee. I knew my ball went in the hole because I have better long vision than my partners. They thought it was close but I knew it went in. Sure enough, when we got to the green, there was my ball in the hole. It was my second hole-in-one. The first was At Los Serranos Country club in Chino Hills, Ca., on July 8th, 2009, on a 163 yard par 3 using a 6 iron.

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