Hole-in-one stories


I was playing with a buddy of mine and an elderly gentlemen we had just met at the practice green, and a month before I had made a hole in one. I was telling him about it before we played and he asked if he could play with, so he could see a hole in one (he was joking of course). But, on the 6th hole, he watched a high wedge shot land about 15 feet past the hole and spin back and dissapear.

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Nothing fancy

I was playing by myself, actually.... when the perfect shot took place. It was a high draw, 145 yards, 9 iron... hit behind and to the right of the hole. I have to thank the way the Prov1x compressed and spun backwards right into the hole. With no witnesses, I found a family that was outside grilling in thier back yard. I told them what happened and they said I had to walk up to the hole with my hands raised in the air.. and thats exactly what I did. When I picked the ball out of the hole, they clapped.. and I had my first hole in one. They called the pro shop and vouched for me.

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My Story

By: royg15

I had worked all night (11-7), then went to play golf with friends. When I hit the shot my friends could see the green but I couldn't . They started jumping up and down, and yelling it's in the hole. Me thinking it was a joke I said we'll see when we get there. To my surprise it had hit about four feet past the hole and went in. That was it for the day. The rest of the round was mine.

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Double Miracle

I thought my first Hole in One was pure luck 10 years ago but to have a second one after two shoulder surgeries and just starting to play again I must be doing something right!

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Number Seven

By: mj1

This was the seventh hole in one of my career. I've been playing for 48 years. The first 4 were on the same hole at a course in Pennsylvania. This was my third since moving to Myrtle Beach, SC in 2001. This one went in on the fly!

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