Hole-in-one stories

Reunion magic

Tuesday is the weekly member mixer outing at the Reunion Golf Resort in Orlando. This week the Nicklaus course was selected from its three courses as the golf director felt we were due a tough challenge. I played with three great golfers with the usual skins game on the side. Starting out I opened a new sleeve of Pro-V1's and decided to add some Irish luck by adding green dots in shamrock shape as identification. Despite this, by the 7th hole and using a #7 ball I was trailing 7 skins and my wallet was starting to groan. The 8th hole, at 130 yards, was closest to pin hole with the pin set on a slight right to left slope. As my natural shot is a soft draw I aimed to land around 1 foot to the right of the pin. My ball obliged and released directly into the hole for my first Reunion ace. Lots of high-fives, yahoos and fist-bumps followed. The momentum then changed as I won the next 8 skins. The guys later said I grinned and laughed so much that they saw teeth they didn't know I had. AND for nearest the pin I won a sleeve of Pro-VI's with #7 balls inside...I immediately added green dots in shamrock shape!!

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Mike Holland

I was playing with my buddies on our annual winter golf trip in Orlando. We came up to the 17th at Championsgate. Normally I would hit a 8 iron to 135 - 140 yds but today stiff wind in our face and I generally hit a hit soft fade. I retooled to 6 iron so I would not have to step on a 7 iron. I hit the high shot to the left of the pin the wind took it right towards the flag. My NXT landed 12 inches to the left of the pin and one hopped into the cup. Fantastic!!! My first hole in one!!!

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No chip In guys

our foursome was playing against the foursome in front of us, as normal we play greenies. I was last to hit and the shot looked good slight draw at the flag, did not see it go in due to the shadow. As we approached the green my partner Mike went up to the hole a started the excitement with "its in the hole" our other group thought I had chipped in since I was lagging behind I hit last. Great fun 10 marks and plenty of refreshment.

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Great Southwest Golf Club Hole 6 ACE

First MGA tourney of the year. It's Jan 21st 9am shotgun start. 2 clubs and a putter two man scramble format. My partner and I discuss strategy for the game. My partner brings a driver and a wedge. I bring a Hybrid 3 and my trusty AP2 7 iron. We're even through 5 holes which was pretty good considering the lack of club selection.

We arrive to Hole 6. The tee is playing about 182 yards into the wind that day. It's normally a 6 or punch 5 iron for me but of course I feel if I really hammer this 7 I could get to the front of the green which is partially protected by a bunker to the right and putt for birdie. With a successful green hit by the team in front of us also using a 7, I knew it could be done. I noticed the wind from their ball pushing to the left and not so much in our face.

I step up to the tee. Find a nice piece of grass to lay my ball on and see my line. I square up to the ball and remember I need to hit it full. I stay relaxed as I start my back swing, I'm patient as I focus on the back of the ball. Energy build as I get closer to contact and for the moment it's pure silence. I look up and even though I used my quick hands to push through this one I barely remember contact. The ball is in flight directly on the line I drew in my practice routine. Not thinking it's enough I start chanting "Go Go. . . Go" I'm saved, it got past the bunker on the right. With a middle pin on a two tier green the ball starts to roll up the center slop forwards the center above the pin. About 7 seconds of roll commence with a good break towards the hole. Could it, is it, my comrades chant. IT IS!!!! First hole in one.

Excited to have my buddies with me to experience the extravagance, we continue down to the green. Still in disbelief, I find my Pro V staring back at me snuggled next to the base of the flag stick. What a day. We won a skin on that hole plus had an Eagle for another skin. It's a day to remember. Thank you Titleist!

Jason Borroel

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I played some golf as a junior and teenager but was away from the game for a few years. I only recently started playing golf again and decided to join a local country club. I've been playing with what you can call "starter" equipment including some of the cheapest golf balls I could find. As I'm getting back into the groove of things, I am upgrading my equipment. I was playing in a tournament one morning and before warming up I decided to ask my club pro on advice for a new ball. He recommended the Titleist DT Solo. I decided to try one sleeve and give it a go.

Fast forward to the third hole. Par 3, 128 yards with a nasty bunker to the left of the hole, right in front of the pin. The tournament was scramble format and I was hitting second. My teammate hit a great shot that ran up the right side of the green that was not covered by the bunker and got within 15 feet of the hole. I thought it was such a good shot that the only viable strategy (to improve on his shot) was to be aggressive and carry the bunker and go for the pin. I hit a very clean 6-iron and caught all of the ball. The ball flight was nice and high and it was headed right for the pin. The ball landed pretty hard, within 5 feet of the pin and took a big bounce. I then heard the ball hit the flagstick but then disappeared. I couldn't see the ball after that but I didn't see it go in either. From our angle it was possible that it was hiding behind the flagstick but not in the cup.

We pulled up to the green and saw that the green was empty. I was trying to contain my excitement as I walked up and verified that the ball was in the hole! I almost couldn't believe it. I've only been playing for a little while now and now I have a hole in one! On top of that, my teammates and I also won the tournament! It was an incredible day of golf for this high handicapper.

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