Hole-in-one stories


By: loub16

After playing golf for over 40 years I got my first hole in One.

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Just an easy swing

By: joew70

The 6th hole of the Palmer course @ Tesoro is 194 yards. There is a hazard on the right side and by the hole on the left is a sand trap.

I used my driver. The ball seemed to roll just short of the hole but as we got closer to the green it was not to be seen. I thought for sure it rolled off the green. I walked up to the hole and from the angle I had half the cup was empty, as I stepped past the hole I looked back and I was in the hole, my ball titleist DT #2 sitting there :-) . I looked @ my partner, grabbed the stick and plucked it from the hole. My first hopefully not my last.

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Was playing my club course Friday the 13th, of all days ! Hole 11 is a 132 yard par 3 that you have to clear a heritage oak that is at least 150 years old to reach the elevated green. Flag was at the front on a slope running back down the front of the green.

I hit a soft AP2-712 8 iron right at the flag and thought i overshot it by 5 yards. saw it land and then disappear. I though, once again it rolled to the back of the green. My partner and i looked at each other and said, nice, to the back of the green again. As we drove the cart down the path we kept looking for my ball and couldn't see it. My partner said, hmmmm, maybe it went in the hole, ya right i said.

So we walked up on the green still looking to the back of it and no ball. As i stood there looking, my partner walked up to the hole, looked down, then turned to me with a huge smile and said, guess what ? I then walked up and said, i don't believe it ! anyway, it was awsome ! So I've got all brand new titleist clubs, first shot with a new titleiest ball. I hadn't played with the clubs for more than 3 weeks, and they get me an ace. Giddee up ! what a treat.

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End of 40 year drought

By: kenl43

Playing in select shot tourney with brother Bob and nephew Jacob. Been playing golf for 40years been close made a 3 once on a par 4 with first shot ob. Ball hit short and left two hops and disappeared. Took a long second to realize what happened. Was the day that the world was supposed to end lol.

My 7 year old nephew had my name for Christmas that year and gave me the titleist pv1 for my gift. I marked the balls with a "W" for will and I was using one that day.

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Hole in one story

I was playing my weekly round of golf with my retired military buddies when we came up on La Loma Golf course hole number 5, a 155 yard par three at historic Fort Sam Houston Texas. I initially pulled out an eight iron but decided to change to a seven iron since I was hitting into a slight wind. I could not see bottom of pin but when I it my shot it went straight at the pin. I knew it was going to be close but not sure how close. One of the others in my group also hit the green. When we got up to the green the only visable ball was the one of my playing partner. I did not see mine. I started to walk to the back of green to look when one of my buddies looked in hole and ask me if I was playing a Titleist number 5 pro V 1. I said yes and he told me it was in the hole. Sure enough it was. :>)

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