Hole-in-one stories

My First ACE by Jerry Michener

Sun Journal
Lewiston, Maine

Golf: Two aces at Fox Ridge

Published on Friday, Oct 7, 2011 at 12:12 am

AUBURN — Fox Ridge Golf Club played host to a pair of recent holes-in-one.
Jerry Michener, a 76-year-old from Oakland, Md., achieved the lifelong dream of his first ace on the 154-yard third hole from the white tees. Michener used a 5-iron. Regis Lepage and Rick Haslip were his playing partners.
Rick Dostie aced the 170-yard fifth hole from the white tees with a 4-iron. Gary Caiani witnessed the feat.

My playing partners encouraged me to report my ACE to Titleist and said I would receive a dozen Titleist NXT Tour golf balls! I hope they are right - thank you!
Jerry Michener

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A rollercoaster round

Mayacama is my course every tuesday, where myself and the rest of my caddie friends get a chance to shed the whites and shred the course. Just another typical january day, 65 degrees and no wind, i was ready to have my regular match with my roommate and long time rival. I started off hot, with a lip out birdie putt on 1, a 2-putt birdie on 2, a nice par on the difficult 3rd hole, and an approach shot to 4 feet on #4.

After missing the putt, however, i managed to de-rail my steady round, with a double bogey on 5 and bogey on 6. Fast forward to the back 9 after some pars and bogies, i still managed to have a 3 shot lead in my match.

My oppenent stepped up on the par 3 #14, and called his shot out as if he was Babe Ruth, unfortunately his execution wasnt quite the same. The thought of an ace had the whole foursome excited though...and as soon as i had put a swing on my ball, the group was already talking to it. Sure enough...it took one hop right of the pin, took its spin, and came back right into the cup.

I would have been happy to go home right there, after the rough middle of the round, but the chance of back to back eagles had me hooked. The next hole is a beautiful downhill par 5 that rewards a big drive. I was able to hit a good line, and cleared the hill, leaving me only 185 yards left. Got lucky again, and was able to hit another good shot with my 7 iron to about 10 feet. After the best putt all day i ended up with my second eagle in a row, a feat which i may never accomplish again in my life. With two in a row, i had to TRY for 3, on a 290 par 4 #16, a hole which i eagled about a month earlier.

Unfortunately, my luck ran out, and my drive hit the side of the green and bounced into the greenside lake. It was a 30 minute stretch of golf that i will never forget. With an 9 stroke lead going into 18, i found a way to let my buddy back in the match. He made an incredible birdie, and i had my own ultimate adventure. At only 205 out on the par 5, i had two splash landings before i decided to lay up, then plug myself in the lip of the greenside bunker, barely able to get it over the lip but lasering it into the hill over the green, and with a perfect lie, i tried to flop....but missed :-), second attempt was more successful, finally on the green in 10, and a nice lag two-put for my 12, and round of 82. Not too many people have back to back eagles, and also have a 12 on the card. But, at least i won my bet, or else the drinks would have cost me a little more.

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Running to the cup

On New Year's Eve, I was playing with 3 girlfriends. The ball was going right for the pin, bounced once and disappeared into the cup! Not believing what I just saw, I ran down the hill, across the bridge and onto the green to make sure I saw my ball in the bottom of the cup! My husband was 1 hole in front of me and saw all of the commotion. What a great way to finish the year, and start the new one too!

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Sandys repeat Hole In Ones

After purchasing new clubs for Xmas I went out and hit a bucket of balls, I really liked the clubs and was excited about playing a round.

I went to the course, was on the first hole and made a practice swing, stepped up to the ball and swung away, oh yes, I got a Hole In One, it was totally awesome. Ask me how much I love my new clubs!!!!!

Two weeks later, I am at the same course, on the first hole; I step up, take a practice swing, step up to the ball and swing away, and oh yes, I got another Hole In One!!!!

It was unbelievable, but oh so much fun. Totally one of the moments of my life I will never forget.

People get out there and golf, you never know what you can.

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A double

By: rayg23

Playing with a potential new member, I mentioned that the pin placement was the same when I got my (previous) hole in one. He said, "I missed it, do it again." My shot went in. He shot next and missed by 2 feet.

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