Hole-in-one stories

Number 17 at Sawgrass

By: maryp6

It was the hole that everyone wants to play - #17 at the Stadium Course at the TPC Sawgrass. It looked so innocent from the green on #16, just sitting there waiting. Our caddie told us on the way up the tee box on 17 that the only thing that people ask you about when you've said you've played Sawgrass was "What did you do on 17?". I was last to hit, and all I could think of was to put a good swing on it. Aimed for where my caddie told me to, and let it go. The pin was in the traditional Sunday placement, so we couldn't see the cup from where we were - it was obscured by the bunker. I hit it so crisp and held my pose.... our caddie got very excited, saying "Ma'am, I think it is in!!" We all drove up, and we ran onto the green. I couldn't believe it when I looked into the cup and saw my ball looking up at me from the bottom of the hole!! It was my first hole in one ever, and it was on one of the most famous holes in golf!! Awesome!

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By: juanv3


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My First Hole In One

On June 29th 2011, My Dad, Brother and I were playing golf at Springville CC and I was 2 over going onto 3 because I doubled #1. I am last to hit and it is a really windy day. My Dad hit 8 iron to long and so did my brother so I took out a 9 iron. They thought I wouldnt make it to the green. So I really went after it and sort of hit it thin but it made it to the front of the green and the ball rolled into the hole. I couldn't believe what just happened, My first Hole-In-One!!

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Good shot

No real story,, playing with one of my best friends and frequent partner in inter club matches. The shot was probably the best I hit all day. Actually came off almost exactly as visualized. Slight draw off a sloped fringe kicking left across the green and into the hole.

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My first and only Ace

It came on #8 at a local course(Woody Ridge) here in northern Ohio. It was on a Sunday and I was playing with my father. The pin was tucked behind a bunker so you could not see it and I actually pulled the shot and it was going right for the flag. My dad said half jokingly its probably in the hole. we walk up and my ball is nowhere to be found. I go to the hole and there it is. I used a logo ball. I havent come close to one since.

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