Hole-in-one stories

Hole in one an early birthday gift

A bright calm Sunday morning golfing with friends. The 6th hole at Indian Creek G C is 165 yards with the green having large mounds on either side a bunker on the front left. I hit a crisp shot just slightly left of the green that caught the base of a mound. The ball took a beautiful right bounce and rolled toward the hole. I watched the ball and thought it was behind the hole. Suddenly the ball disappeared into the cup. It was a wonderful feeling. A few weeks later my buddies presented me with a plague commemorating the event.

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Head wind on Hole number 12

By: bobv29

I have always enjoyed the Golf Club at Champions Circle Fort Worth. It seems I generally have my best rounds of golf at this course. Two day before my 66 birthday I was given a present on hole #12. My first hole in one! Marvin Balvin, Ron Junge and Ben Johnson made it special the rest of the day. Thanks guys

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An Unusual Ace

Three of us started on the back 9 one Wednesday because of early morning frost covering the first few holes on the front 9.

We made the turn and came to hole #2. I hit a 5 wood to the back right pin measuring 182 yds. My shot was wide right and landed in the dormant Burmuda rough. It bounced forwaard, ran up a spine that enters the green and rolled onto the green from left to right. I thought the ball was long but it hit the pin and dissapeared into the hole.

One of my playing partners has aced this same hole with the same pin placement only a month earlier.

This was my second ace. The other was 22 yrs earlier. Let's see, my next one should be???????

This was my 3rd round of golf after recovering from left rotator cuff surgery. Thank you Dr. Glenn Perry of Charlotte, NC.

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Unreal for my third ACE

My third hole in one with Titleist. Shortest hole 78 Yard. Hit my Titleist NXT Tour ball 4 feet from hole and it bounce in. Though my 3rd hole in one. It still feels unreal. Hope anyone that GOLFs can have this great feeling by making their own hole in one. Best wishes to all my brethren in the golf world.

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native of san francisco, ca.. been playing golf for 55 yrs.
thought it would never happen.
was a member of the Olympic club for 14 yrs. and five yrs, at palo alto hills country club.

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