Hole-in-one stories

Whose ace is it

Me and my beautiful wife, Rancho Mirage, #6, 123 yards. I'm thinking PW (690MB)might be a little short, as there's a pond to carry, but the foliage and fence if I go long is unforgiving, so I decide to just swing full. My ProV1 looks good in the air, one hops just past the flag, and starts backing up for me. I've played for 23+ years, so am used to getting teased with tap in birds, but this one actually drops. I'm more incredulous than excited, acting like I've done this before (which I haven't!), while the Mrs. is going bananas on the red tees on my behalf. There's a twosome on the next tee who see the aftermath, and they shout congratulations as they drive off the tee, while we approach the green. We get to the clubhouse, and the pro comes out and congratulates my wife on her ace, as the twosome assumed she got it, as she was excited, and I was fairly nonchalant in comparison. We laughed about that, had a tall cool drink, and headed home, with one more item checked off of my bucket list. Thanks Titleist, for the awesome equipment.

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UNC Finley ace

Playing at UNC Finley in Chapel Hill N.C.,David Rexrode and I were out on a wonderful Saturday afternoon in the middle of February when this great event was about to happen.On hole #8 par 3 playing about 125, I hit a pitching wedge shot that went pass the pin and spun back to the hole and came up less than a foot short and thought to myself what could have been.Than when we got to the 14th hole par 3 playing around 127,I was able to fly a pitching wedge pass the pin again and this time spin it in the hole for an ace!What a memorable time I had that day!Thank You David for being there and thank you Titleist for great golf balls! (TitleistProV1'S)

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My first Double Circle Ace

This was my first career Hole In One, and it occurred Saturday, Feb. 18, 2012 at Crow Canyon Country Club. The hole was playing about 172 yards into the wind, and my well struck 7-wood shot using my Titleist Tour Distance Ball landed 3 feet in front of the hole, took one small hop and rolled into the hole as everyone saw it disappear. It was quite an exciting moment.

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John Cunningham

I have been playing golf for 37 years. This is my first hole-in-one. It was a good high shot over a hazard and front greenside bunkers. The shot allowed me to win the tournament by one stroke.

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Ken Chaubet

By: kenc51

I have been going through Chemo Therapy for Lymphoma the last 3 months, 3 more to go. I got Lymphoma from my CLL which I got from contact with Agent Orange while serving in Vietnam, I find golf is a great exercise while in treatment and the Pro-v1x helps me get the distance to shoot a descent score. Thank you it's the only ball I use, well sometime I use the Pro v1.

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