Hole-in-one stories

It was the second day of the High-school 2A State golf tournament in Minnesota, and I was 3 over going into 16. I needed to get a couple shots back. It wasn't looking great on the par 5 #16, I was chipping for birdie off the back of the green. I proceeded to hole that shot. Then the next hole was a 154 yard par 3, I was in between a 9 iron and a wedge. I decided to play a big hook with a nine iron. It landed 5 feet from the hole and then one hopped in. There were about 100 people on the hole and everyone wad yelling and cheering. It was the most awesome feeling ever. As I walked up to the hole they gave me another round of applause as I pulled my ball from the hole. I then threw it to my dad in the crowd. I then went on to par 18 for an even par 72. I took 7th in the tournament. I couldn't have done this without Titleist!

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My First Career Hole In One

I had just come off of 2 birdies at 14 and 15 to get back to even par for my round. The par 3 16th hole is a short par 3 playing approximately 103 yards. I'm thinking to myself "Alright come on, stick one here and let's make it 3 birdies in a row. Let's get this round under par!" I shot one of the guys on the green with my Bushnell Range Finder and it said 103 yds. Ok, 103 yards smooth gap wedge. Pulled out the gap wedge hit a low penetrating shot in there, landed behind the hole and spun back and disappeared! Me and the other 3 guys went nuts! Needless to say I retired the ball and got the 3 witnesses in my group to sign the scorecard! Started playing golf when i was 12 years old and now at 28 I have my 1st hole in one! It took long enough!

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A miracle with witnesses

While planning our wedding one weekend in my wife's hometown, I went to play a round of golf with my father, my best man and my future father-in-law. I was already -1 when I stepped to the tee of the par 3 5th hole: a hole that had somehow ruined many rounds in the past for me. Taking dead aim with my 690.cb pitching wedge, I hit it flush right at the flag. However, the 5th hole slopes from front to back, and my shot hit on the downslope with no visible bounce. Knowing full well that there's grouse and trouble behind the green, I immediately assumed I'd airmailed the shot - after all, I'd hit it very solid and I've made plenty of double-bogies behind that green before. A 5 minute search was winding down when my best friend (and best man) decided "Hey, I guess we should check the hole." I saw him walk up to the cup and with wide eyes, exclaim "Wow! I guess we SHOULD have checked the hole!" It was an ace, my first one ever and certainly a signal that everything that weekend would be just right. And for the rest of my life, I'm almost guaranteed to be playing a round with one of those three people - ensuring that whenever I step up to the tee on a par 3 and someone asks, "ever made an ace before?" I'll have a witness to back me up.

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Well, I've been playing this game serious now for 12 years and picked it up at the age of 20. I have had many "close calls" at aces before, but none dropping in the cup.

Today, was a beautiful California day, sun shinning and just a little breeze. As I arrived at hole #16, I was +4 for the round, and me being the ever perfectionist, told myself, "hey, you just need to ace this and go birdie-birdie to shoot par." After coming off 15, and having a 15 footer drop for a par-save, I watched as my partner hit a nice shot to pin high, about 30 ft left of the hole. I placed my ball on the tee, and went through my pre-shot routine: 155 yards to hole (pin in the middle of green), slight wind in my face, but also going a little from left to right. I put a nice swing on and watched as my Titleist Pro V1X #1 sailed into the air and over the ravine that lied between the tee box and the green.

About mid flight, the ball being just a tad left of target, catches the wind and ever so slightly begins to drift to the right. As it starts it's decent, I yelled to no one in particular, "oh, get in the hole!" and we all watched as it hit pin-high, 1 foot to the left of the cup. My Pro V1X took one hop of roughly 3-4 ft, and spun back... we all watched as it sucked right into the hole for a "1".

Now, I do remember throwing my club up in the air and jumping in the arms of one of my best friends... after that, chills, heart pounding, and the fantastic feeling of just witnessing one of my deepest and greatest desires happening in front of my eyes!

Thanks Titleist, and thank you PRO V1X!


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Antelpe Hills 15

Beautifull day, 136 years with the flag inthe back. One bounce that hit the pin and went in the cup on a string! What a beautifull sight!

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