Hole-in-one stories

My son Blake made a Hole-in-one with a Titleist Pro V1 during his round at Los Feliz Golf course today on the 5th hole during his play at the LA County Jr. Golf Championships! Congratulations Blake!

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My Grateful Golf Ball

My wife offers a yoga for golf class at Treetops Resort during some of the summer golf schools. During the orientation evening I am left with two hours at the resort at approximately 7 pm with nothing to do. I grabbed a cart and headed out onto the Fazio course to shag lost balls. I found 150 balls on a steep hill to the left of the fairway on the very first hole. In all I found 230 balls, they were everywhere. I brought them home, sorted through them for the best balls, that is to say the Titleist and more specifically for my tastes, the Pro V1. I cleaned them up and floated them to find the center of gravity and marked them with a line for putting. I never thought to use the line on the ball on the tee box until the very swing on which I hit my hole in one. I just can not help but feeling that I pulled this ball out of an existence of rotting forever on the bottom of a steep hill and it rewarded me with my first hole in one. Now this once forgotten ball will hold a place of esteem warm inside my home for the rest of my years.

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344 yard par 4 hole in one

I took my first golf lesson at Mt.Hood when I was 12 and have been playing there ever since.

I had just purchased a Burner driver a couple weeks earlier and had only played with it 3 times so far.

We were on the 8th hole at Mt.Hood golf course in Melrose Ma. which is a 344 yard par 4 dog leg left.

Having played this hole hundreds of times I knew where I wanted to hit the ball to cut the corner over the trees and try and get close to the green.

As we approached the green my ball was nowhere to be found.....After searching just about everywhere for my ball I decided to check the hole just for a laugh and there was my new Titleist NXT Tour #3 ball which I had just purchased in the club house that day sitting in the bottom of the cup.

It's shots like this that will keep me a fan of golf forever......What a great memory to have

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Mr Jim Morris

My first hole in one ( I am sixty) at the Saratoga State Park in Saratoga Springs NY 12866.
A very chilly cold day about 40 degrees and on the second hole I hit a hybrid club with a Pro V one and it hit about 15 feet left of the hole and bounced once and then rolled into the hole.
Not sure how I felt but it was very good. I was with my brother Ray as we play as much as possible together, I think he was happier than I was.
My wife said take that off my bucket list- but I hope it is only one of many!!!

Jim M.

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Ace In a College Tournament

I was playing in the Pinehurst Intercollegiate at Pinehurst #6. I got to hole 7, my 16th hole, which was a par 3. It was playing 175 yards. I stepped up to the tee, and hit a 7 iron. The ball was cutting at the hole so I figured it would be inside 5 feet so I bent over and picked up my tee. One of the other kids in my group said "hey that went in." "I said seriously?" He said "yeah dude that went in." So we walked up to the green and sure enough it went in. That was my first hole-in-one, and I didn't even see it go in the hole.

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