Hole-in-one stories

Par four ace

I am 74 yrs. on 3/18/12 I had my seventh hole-in-one on #12 at Pine Lakes G.C. in Rockford, TN. Hitting from the senior tees the hole measured 191 yds. I hit my driver.

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Not even in my dreams

I didn't start playing golf weekly until I retired. I used my 6 iron and hit the ball over the water into the hole. I never thought that I would hit a hole in one.
I have been smiling for a week now.

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My fourth hole in one

My fourth total, second with Titleist balls... 138 yards, into a little wind... punch 7 iron with a little draw, landed in the middle of the green and tracked all the way into the hole. I got off easy. I won $40 for the skin and 2nd place in the blitz. Only spent $30 for drinks. Could have been much worse... in Japan I would have been buying my playing partners a major gift like a bag or a pair of shoes, my friends a dozen balls or a shirt, my casual acquaintances a sleeve of balls plus food and drink for all that were there.

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Lenny Lazzara

finally made a hole in one 147yds uphill with a 6 iron.It's one of the greatest feelings in the world.My PRO V 1 went into the pocket and on to the shelve..what a great day

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It went in the hole

I was playing a 180 yard uphill par 3 on beatuiful Friday morning when I hit a pure 5 iron right at the stick, next thing I know there was a loud nose from the ball hitting the flag stick. The ball has disappeared, then my brother says it went in. Sure enough we get up to the hole and there is the ball in the bottom of the cup!

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