Hole-in-one stories

James Donovan

I've been playing this silly game of golf for 45 years and yesterday (March 27, 2012) I finally had my first hole in one. I aced the 7th hole, a Par 3 at Deep Creek Golf Club in Punta Gorda, Florida. I used a Pro V 1x. The most astonding thing of this story is that most golf balls are numbered 1-4 but this one had the number 7 on it and it was the the 7th hole for my first ace.

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First Hole In One in Texas

Sunday March 25 at Ross Rodgers (WildHorse) in Amarillo Texas hole #11 Par 3 193 yards pin to the back of the green I hit a solid 5 Iron landed in front of the green and rolled to the top of the green breaking left went right in the hole. I was in shock my friends Lee, Randy and Bill witnessed and they went nuts then it hit me i just aced my first hole ever. We will never forget this moment.

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Par 4 Hole in 1

It was the second round of the year at Belle Fourche Country Club with a friend. 313 yard par 4 with a blind tee shot. Could not find the ball and looked in the hole and there it was! hit a 910 D2!

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3 Hole in Ones

On March 24 2010 i was playing golf at my home course of Desert Mountain in Scottsdale Arizona. I was playing on Chiricahua which is one of the 6 Jack Nicklaus designed golf courses, i was playing with my father Kevin and two other business partners. As we came to hole number 8 a par 3 126 yard hole i selected a pitching wedge and struck the ball, it hit the center of the green and then spun back into the hole. I was excited and continued my round, i then proceeded to the tee at 14 which is another par 3 134 yards, i again selected a pitching wedge and who would have thought another hole in one, i had TWO in the same round and the odds are 67,000,00 to 1. So i have been playing approximately once a week since then and nearly two years later on March 16, 2012 i was playing Outlaw at Desert Mountain, as i arrived on the 14th Tee Par 4 310 yards i selected a Driver, i hit a low screamer which landed in front of the green and ran all the way up and to the back of the green. I thought that i had overshot the the green and grabbed my wedge and putter and headed for the green, i looked behind the green and nothing was there. My friend said hang on let me check the hole... what do you know an Ace on a par 4. Ironically enough all three of these hole in ones were used by a Titleist 2 Prov1x.

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Titilest Velocity

I have had two hole-in-ones in the last 90 days using the new Titlest Velocity ball! It is great!

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