Hole-in-one stories

My first hole n one

By: calj3

I was playing with my son who is 9. He plays in tournaments all over the state and I figured it was just a matter if time before he got his first hole-n-one as he has came very close multiple times. We both began playing about 3 years ago. I never would have guessed I would have beat him to it. It was a par 3 over a small pond. It hit the green and rolled into the hole. I couldn't believe it. As a father I was happy to get one but disappointed it wasn't my son.

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My Ace in the Hole

Cloudy, foggy, with a light mist coming down, the usually intrepid Sunday golfers were worried about thunderstorms. After rolling in a 30 footer on the first hole to save par, and getting beat by a birdie, I was wondering if was going to be worth challenging the weather. It was cart path only, and I knew I'd be doing a lot of walking across wet fairways.

On the second hole, par three, I was hitting last, with only one ball on the green so far. I took an easy swing. The ball had a little draw and hit the middle of the green. Everybody started talking about how good it looked, and when it settled and started tracking right toward the hole and we got a little more excited. When it disappeared, we looked at one another, not sure if it went in, but we couldn't see a ball near the pin. Between the light mist and fog, I was cautiously optimistic, and a little fearful, thinking about a huge potential bar bill. Two of the guys started telling me they were getting thirsty already.
One of my buddies walked to the pin, turned around smiling, and said, "Come get your ball, ace." It was great !! Even the bar tab was worth it. Titleist NXT: my ace in the hole.

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My First High School Match

I aced the par 3 16th at Falcon's Lair Golf Course in Walhalla, SC. The funny thing is that it occured during my first ever high school golf match. I am a freshman at Walhalla High School, and I was the number 6 player on my team during this match. My dad just finished playing the front nine and he decided to follow me for a couple holes. He caught up with me on the 15th hole. As we walked to the 16th tee, my dad walked to the 16th green and stood on the cart path with the opposing coach. Just before I hit my shot, I joked to the other three that whoever got a hole in one would get 20 bucks. The pin was located on the front of the green. I hit my shot to the right of the green and it bounced off a bank and rolled back on the green and into the hole. I did not know it went in until I saw my dad's reaction. The opposing coach took a picture of me getting the ball out of the hole and a picture of me and my dad together on the green. The headline in the paper the next day said "Razorbacks rookie Pappalardo makes hole-in-one".

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Bill Fensch

Whats better then sunday afternoon at the course with your buddies? Throw in a Hole in One on a tough 165 yard par three! My first Ace,and I think I knew it was in the hole as it left the club face,no draw or fade high,straight and right at the hole,one small hop and IN! I Love This Game!

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Finally Made One

By: ryano5

We had our first members association tournament of the year on March 24 2012. It was a blind draw 4 person scramble. I am an Assistant Golf Pro at our club and have been playing since I could walk but had never made the elusive Hole-in-one. We got to hole #13 a 129 yard hole and one of the players in the group behind us calls over to us and he say "Ask me what I made on #5?" it was an ace of course. I then pulled my 52* Vokey hit a pure shot that drew a couple yards two hopped and dropped. The best part about it is that the members that I was playing with were the ones that went nuts. I just stood there in disbelief until another member took off on a dead sprint to the hole to tell me that it for sure had gone in. Thanks Titleist for making such great products for me to enjoy my first Hole-in-one.


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