Hole-in-one stories

40th Birthday

My brother and a bunch of buddies went to Myrtle Beach to pre-celebrate my 40th birthday (july 2). On March 23, 2012 we were playing The Long Bay Club 5th hole (par 3). The hole was playiing 149 yards slightly down hill with a breeze blowing back at us with water left and a trap on the right. I was talked into hitting an extra club and I'm glad I listened. The shot drew slightly back towards the hole, released about 5 feet, and dropped into the hole. I hit a pro v1 and have no doubt if I was playing an inferior ball my story would not have had the same happy ending.

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NXT Tour

By: ronb78

Ive been playing golf for over 20 years. Ive never been very good but always enjoyed the game. A week ago I found an NXT tour ball and shot a best ever 94. 2 days ago I was playing at Beaver Creek Country Club with 3 of my best friends and on number three I hit the flagstick on a 155yd par 3. That NXT ball had eyes on the flag all afternoon. On number 8 a 175yd par 3 I stepped up with a 5 iron and watched the ball land on the green and roll in the cup. no one in my group had ever seen a hole in one and my hands shook as I picked the ball out of the cup. As a funny sidenote on the next hole number 9 I wasnt thinking and drove that same ball and sliced it into the driving range adjacent to the hole..We did find it and it is now retired along with the scorecard on my mantle...Will I ever use a different ball other than the new NXT Tour? Absolutely not!! Thanks Titleist for being a part of a once in a lifetime event!!

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My 187 Yard Sand Wedge Shot

One day I was trying out for the school team. The coach told me i can't make the team unless I get a hole in one with my sand wedge. So I did.

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Hole in One Twice on the Same Hole

I'm in the tenth grade right now, and playing on my high school varsity golf team. I've been surrounded by golf all my life and since I was in sixth grade, I really got after the game. Eighth grade comes around, and I make the junior high team. I go out and play our home course, Bailey Ranch Golf Club in Owasso, OK by myself and come up to our short par 3, #13. Since I was still little and not very strong, I pulled out my 5-iron. I smack it onto the green and see it rolling to the hole. I'm thinking yeah, birdie! Then it disappears. Of course it never crossed my mind it went in. I think maybe something happened to it and it just disappeared so I hit another. I get down and can't find my first ball, so I take the flag out to putt my second ball. In the hole is my first ball. I drop down crying. Sure I was alone, but it still was one day, one moment I would never forget.

9th grade, I try out and make the varsity team. Our last tournament was in the middle of April, and the day before I went to play at Bailey with my dad and talk about a job there. I go out and play and it's windy... Gotta love Oklahoma! I come up to # 13 again and pull out my 9-iron, praying to God I don't screw this up. I hit it, a bit short of the hole, a bit to the left, and it starts rolling, breaking to the right. My point of view showed it not moving much at all, then, slowly it sank into the hole. This time, I'm all smiles, no crying except for joy that it finally counted! It's just as good the second time around, that feeling. Hope you all share my luck!

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As a remembrance of my sister's recent death, the sleeve of DT Solo golf balls was given to me by her son when I was leaving the funeral. First round played with this ball, which I will keep, will be a reminder.

She probably was cheering along with the rest of my foresome on this lucky shot.

Jerry Pequeen

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