Hole-in-one stories

It sounds like a movie

This story is not so much about the hole in one as it is about the craziness that ensued soon after. Let me preface it by saying that I have five witnesses (we were playing a skins game in a six-some).

The hole in one came on hole 15, 108 yards. Playing slightly downwind I hit a 60 degree lob about three feet short of the pin and one-hopped it in the hole.

I then birdied hole 16 after stuffing my approach to five feet on the 340 yard par 4.

After a stray drive and a so-so approach shot, I made a 35 foot bomb from just off the edge of the green on 17 for birdie.

It just keeps getting better. After ripping a 300 yard plus drive and knocking a 5 iron to 15 feet from 190 yards (both slightly into the wind), I knocked in the putt for an eagle 3.

All in all, it was a 4 under 32 with three bogies, lol. I teed off on 15 two over and walked off 18 4 under, all spurred by my first ace!

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Par 3 hole in one and par 4 birdie

Walking with Col. Raja on a fine Sunday and talking about Senthil who was playing with us and shot a hole in one a month and a half back.I hit my shot from the tee on the par 3 14th 185 yards with a 5 iron and hit right.Then Col.Raja hit his tee shot and we walked towards the flag which was'nt visible yet talking about a hole in one I got on the par 4 15th the same day Senthil got his on record.I was playing a practice round by myself that day so the hole in one was'nt witnessed by anyone else except my caddy.

As I reached close to the green,my caddy told me that the ball had hit the left wall of the bunker on the right before the green and gone on to the hole.I walked to the flag and saw my Titleist Pro V1 Practice ball in the 14th hole.Delighted on getting a hole in one on record,I teed off with my driver on the par 4 285 yard 15th.I landed on the green parallel to the hole 10 ft. right.Missed the eagle putt by a cm. and tapped in for birdie.

My name came up on the hole in one board at the golf club yesterday.First golfing milestone.Many more to come God willing.

Thanks Titleist I'm saving the Pro V1 practice ball and I will put the date and hole no. on it for my first hole in one on record.

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Train your ball

Received pro v1 for christmas and today I had an opportunity to play with my Brother (who bought the personalized balls) and my Brother in law. On the 17th hole (Par 3 171Yds) I hit the ball which landed on the front of the green and the followed my promts to GO IN THE HOLE for my first ace.

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Perfect shot

It was May 2010 and i was in a king and queens golf tournament. i was playing with 1 guy and two other women, my husband was about 4 groups behind me. It was softly raining and i went up the the par 3 on the highlands course and said to the group. I am going to put this on the front of the green and let it roll to the pin which was about 2 yards from the front of the green. I asked the guy with us to shoot the flag it was 97 yards from the red tees. I had only been playing golf about 3 years but had a good swing due to the lessons in Fort Lauderdale at our old club. So i made the shot 75 percent it felt good it hit the front of the green and we watched it roll in. It was like one of those dreams with everyone screaming and no sound came out of my mouth. I was so excited my husband could hear the commotion 3 holes back. The first thing i did was call my mom in Florida who i lost 10 days later. She was so excited for me , and i was so glad to share that excitement with my dearest friend and mother.
Thank you Titleist for allowing me to share my story.

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This is my third hole-in-one. We are in Florida for the winter, and I was playing with three other guys from Michigan. A great morning of golf had my wife saying "REALLY?!?!" when I called to tell her. It was a great day of golf shooting a 59 on our par 60 course!! And yes the PRO V1 I was playing is retired with the date on it!

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