Hole-in-one stories

9yrs old first time

This was my first hole-in-one. I am 9yrs old and was playing in an invitational tournament for the local community. I was invited since I won the junior tournament the last time they had it and I live right down the road from the course.

I shot my best score for the course that day and it was mostly due to the hole-in-one. The course is a par 58 and I shot a 65.

I shot just over the bunker on hole 7 and it rolled left towards the pin. It looked like a giant hook.

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Patti Post First Hole in One

I have been playing golf since I was a child and just had my first hole in one at the age of 67. I have been very close over the years, but the ball had never gone in the hole. We had just returned from Hilton Head Island and were playing our first round of the year at Brookside. I wasn't sure what to hit, so at 132 yards, I took my 4 wood out and hit away. The ball landed on the front edge of the green and kept rolling. We were playing with another couple and Linda kept yelling "it is in the hole". I was of course sure that it wasn't! It went in and the shouts went up. It was hard to finish the round, but we did and I shot an 85. What a great way to start the season!

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1st Hole in 1

By: colef2

I was playing my match in our Kilkarney Hills Match Play Championship and the match was going back and forth the whole round until I caught a break on hole 15 when my opponent missed is par putt to give me a 2 up lead. The next hole is a narrow par 3 with bunkers on both sides of the green. I was up first and the pin was in the back of the green and the wind was in our face and the weather was terrible. So I decided to hit my 7 iron from 165 yards. I hit my 7 iron just the way I wanted to and it looked good the whole way. My ball landed about 10 feet short of the hole and I said Go in but when does it ever actually happen... well it went and and I closed out the match. My First Hole In 1!!!!!

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50th birthday hole In One

My brother had flown in town to surprise me for my 50th birthday. We went and played at my club with another friend. I got to #8 and decided to pull out my new sleeve of Pro V1 that I got for my birthday. I was playing a another brand earlier and did not like the feel of it on the green. So I made the change and hit it the shot 3 feet beyond the hole and backed it in for the ace. That would not have happened with the other ball. Thanks Titleist for the Bday present!

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What a Feeling

By: gailh3

I am a member of the North Golf Course Women's Club here in Sun City, CA. I have been playing steadily for about 2 years now---every Wednesday for our tournaments, and then practice rounds on Mondays and Saturdays. As I am a pretty new golfer, I shoot in the 90's, and on really bad days in the 100's. I am really enjoying it, and have fun with all the people. We have only lived in this Southern California town for about 2 1/2 years having moved down from Northern /California (Sacramento area) to be nearer to our daughter, who lives in Arizona. We knew no one when we moved here, but through joining the North Golf Course, we have made friends with dozens of very nice golfers. When I got my hole in one, I was so surprised I dropped my club, hugged my playing companions, and just started screaming with sheer joy. To me it was a beautiful sight---I hit the ball, it flew up (I thought I had over struck it and it would be long), came down in front of the hole, and rolled in. I had to finish playing six more holes, and was okay for the first three before it truly hit me that I had just holed a hole in one---my last three holes were a blur. After returning to the clubhouse, the ladies kept congratulating me, and I was "walking on air". Me, a high handicapper, and I just got a HOLE IN ONE!!! WOW!!! What a day!

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