Hole-in-one stories


Playing Stanford with my good friend Steve Deascolou we looked down on the 147yd 8th hole with the flag playing all the way back. The three some in front of us were on the 9th tee box. I hit my 6 iron and the ball hit the middle of the green and tracked right to the flag. The ball then then bacame invisible to me. I asked Steve "did it go beyond the flag?" He looked and could not see a ball. We yelled down to the guys on the tee box and asked if the ball was in the cup. Max Bagleman went to the hole and raised both arms in the air to signal it was in fact a hole in one. Lots of high fives and laughs. My next job is to see if I get my name on the plaque that is located in the club house restaurant. I hope so.. I now have what every golfer hopes for...
Mike Beltran

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It only took fifty years of golf

I hit a 7 iron in the Par 9th Hole at Cyrpess Golf Club in Virginia Beach against a 10 mph wind. The ball landed in the hole on the fly. However, I was convinced the ball went over the green and onto the tee of the First Hole. I heard laughter from the other people in the foursome who were standing around the hole looking down. One of them said "your ball is in the hole." Of course, I thought they were just giving me grief because I am noted for hitting the ball over greens. No one was more shocked then me when I walked over to the cup and saw my Titleist Pro-V in the cup. The best part about it was the guys were genuinely happy for me. I told them, "it only took 50 years of golf to get one." The other great part of the story was it only cost me $40 for drinks.

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My 2nd with Pro V1

By: danb6

Last hole on a windy day. 166yds with 145 of water. Thought about using an 8i, but went with my 7i. Wind was in my face. Hit it hard and landed in front fringe. Took 2 hops, rolled into right side of cup (barely). Shot a horrible 45 on the back, so it was a great way to end the round. Miller Lites all around the club house!

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Finally Happened

I got my first hole ever yesturday using Titleist equipment. I have been playing golf for over 25 years and thought it was impossible for me. It was hole 17 at Whispering Winds Golf Course at Cannon AFB NM. It is our Air Force base course. We had two groups playing competively. One group was on # 14 green behind the 17th tee box. I used my Titleist AP1 gap wedge and Pro V1 ball. 150 yards to the pin. We had a slight tail wind. I hit a high ball into the green that bounced once and kicked left in the hole. Four people actually saw the shot. I would not beleive it until I actually could see it in the cup. IT WAS THERE! I don't know if they were excited about the hole in one or the fact I had to buy drinks. I won the skin on that hole. Thanks for great products. David Underwood

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Mike Davies First Hole in One

I've been playing golf for approximately 45 years. Have come close many time but the ball never went in. This past Tuesday night in league, I was the first to tee off on the par 3 number 3 hole at Plum Creek. I hit an eight iron and hit it well. The ball it about 6 feet in front of the hole and the bounced into the hole, just like a slam dunk. What a thrill and I was thankfu that I had 3 witnesses.

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