Hole-in-one stories

I was playing with two of my best friends at Ferris State University's golf course and found my swing to finally get a hole in one. They are graduating in two weeks and I won't see them much after that because where they are going for their jobs. So it is a memory we all won't forget.

I made par on the first two holes and a birdie on the third. I stepped on the fourth tee with a eight iron in my hand. I told my buddies I was going to hit a high draw. I addressed the ball made a good swing and hit a perfect high draw. In the air one of my friends said wow that is a good shot. After one bounce I said get in and it took one more bounce and gently rolled into the center of the cup. I looked over at my buddies and in shock we all jumped up and gave each other high fives. We walked up to the green and they took a picture of me grabbing the ball out of the hole.

I ended up bogeying the eighth hole to shoot 2 under par for a 34. This wasn't my lowest nine hole score ever but it was by far the most memorable and exciting round I ever played.

I am 20 years old and I have been playing golf ever since I could walk. And finally I got my first hole in one. There is no word that explains the feeling I have now that I accomplished this.

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Our group usually plays every Wednesday A.M.at Rancho Solano Golf Course in Fairfield , Calif. This Wednesday was without wind, but a bit humid. When we reached the 8th hole, we were talking about how difficult it would be to get a hole in one on this hole with the center pin location to the right of the ridge in the center of the green and the white tees being back, the distance by GPS was 181 yards. Since I had played the preceding hole badly, I was hitting 4th. Others hit good tee shots to the left side of the green with the ball feeding up a ridge and then down the ridge to the right and past the hole. Using my #3 Rescue, 19 deg. and Pro V1X ball my tee shot was to the left center of the green with the ball feeding over the ridge to the right and I thought stopping directly in line with the pin so you couldn't see the ball. As we neared the green then it became obvious that the ball had went in for an ace. The unbelieveable had happened for this average golfer for the second time.

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The First One

I decided to play after I got off work that day. It was a really nice day. A little breezy, but really nice weather. I got off and hit a few balls. It was like any other day, except I recently decided to strengthen my grip. I hadn't hit balls with the new grip yet, so it was going to be interesting. I was hitting it ok on the range, so I decided to head up to the tee. I played ok on the first eight holes. I came to #9 two over par. I walked off the yardage and decided it was about 128yds. Wind was right to left and the pin location was front right. I decided that a 3/4 PW would be the perfect club. Now Tour 18 Dallas is a replica course, so #9 is TPC Sawgrass #17. The Island Green , as many know it. I have played here so often, it doesnt intimidate me anymore. I lined up right at the bunker on the front right of the green, took a few glances at the pin and struck the shot. It was perfect contact, but it was good enough. The ball started on line and the wind began to push it towards the pin. My playing partners all talked to the ball in flight. It was right at the flag stick. The ball landed just about three feet right of the pin and about five feet past. It then began to travel back down the slope right towards the cup. It seemed like forever before it made it to the bottom of the cup. My playing partners errupted and I flung my hands in the air. Speechless, I didn't say a word. I just stood there in shock with my hands in the air. As I made it to the green, I was still in shock. I got out of the golf cart and grabbed my putter. I got about half way to the green, then realized I wouldn't be needing it. When I got to the cup, I peaked over the edge. There it was. Sitting at the bottom.

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first hole in one

Wen't down to springfield MO. to bowl in a tournament four of us decided to go down a day early to golf.We played deer lakes golf course on friday shooting bogie golf.It was cool so the antifreez kept us warm but did not help the game.Across from are hotel was a stewart golf course so we decided to get up Sat. morning and go play before bowling.We get to the course and their having a elks tournament so the course was closed but we could play the par 3 course.The first nine we played from the white tees at 1196 yardage the number 3 hole was playing 80 yards I did not hit the green.On the second nine the number 3 hole was playing 112 yards with total yardage of 1407. I droped my titleist pro v down and made a swing that was so smooth I never felt the ball come off the club and held that position till I watched the ball hit the green and just vanish,I turned around and everyone starts yelling it went into the hole.It's something you don't believe until you walk up to the hole reach down and pick it up out of the hole.bowling was horrible but who cares the hole in one I will remember and talk about the rest of my life,I still have a smile on my face.

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Course : Y.C.D.C golf resort, Silvery Course
Hole no.: 16, 133 yards
Ball : ProV1x no. 3
Club : Titleist AP2 710 Pitching Wedge
Date : 2011, January 22

My first time was in 2007, January 16, hole no. 2 176yards of Myanmar Golf Club. At that time I wasn't using my Titleist irons yet except the proV1x balls. On that time, I've used my Deep Red2 iron no. 8. As an remembrance, I've also used ball no.3 for that time.

On the day of my second time, I've been playing with my two partners and when we got to the 16th tee there was my another friend waiting for us to join on second nine. We've started our game from 10th tee and he was late for the first nine. On that tee, I was the first one to play and there was a strong tail wind and so I've decided to play with my AP2 pitching wedge. I thought about the wind and decided to hit the ball high. As I hit, the ball went high lofted and landed round about nine inches pass the hole and spun back into the hole. All my friends and the caddies saw it clearly and shouted with joys. I thought that the feelings are very same as my first time winning and may be the same on my next time. Moreover, as an everlasting remembrance, I've got my Scotty Cameron California Monterey Putter as a present from my elder brother on the evening of that day.

Thanks for giving me a chance to share.
Tristan @ Wunna

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