Hole-in-one stories

April in Michigan

Stayed home for Spring Break this year. I wasn't expecting to play much golf in Michigan. A client of mine called me and convinced me to go out and play some golf. Played an average 16 holes and decided to slow it down and make a nice smooth swing with my new Titleist AP2 8 Iron. Sure enough it disappeared. Got to the hole and there it was at the bottom of the cup. Too cool. My first. The bar was closed so I had to take the $200 from the hole in one club and spend it on some new gear instead of buying people drinks. $500 in pro shop money to boot. Not a bad afternoon of work.

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Another Item Off My Bucket List

It was a breezy cloudy day on Saturday. I had just made a 12 foot par putt on number one hole and went to the second hole. I was playing with 2 friends, a husband and wife (Danny and Sherrill Barnett, that I play with frequently. Danny had just teed off first from the senor tees and I had taken both a seven iron and a six iron to the members tee-box.

I would normally hit a seven iron since the hole plays 155 yards to the center, but since the flag was on the back and there was a six mph wind in our face, I decided to hit the six iron. The shot didn't go quite as high as I normally hit an iron but it hit somewhere in the middle of the green and rolled about 15 feet, broke slightly left and into the hole. This was my first hole in one. Ive been playing golf since 1981 and I am 63 years old. What happened next was pretty amazing as well. The number eight hole is about 80 yards to our left and there were people on the green and heard all the commotion and came over to congratulate me. As we were talking, Sherrill went to her tee-box and hit her shot. I was turned away from the hole talking to someone and she said did anyone see my ball, I hit a good shot and it looked like it was going straight at the hole. I had to say that I didn't see it nor did her husband, Danny.

We drove to the green and looked around and didn't see her ball and as we approached the hole neither of us could believe it but there were two balls in the hole. TWO Holes-in-One on consecutive shots. Unbelievable!!!!! Needless to say we had quite a celebration on the green. This was also Sherrill's first hole-in-one. She recently turned 60 and has played many years as well.

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The 17th at Twin Falls Golf Club

By: rond49

I started golfing seriously in 1987 when I had more time to devote to the game. Prior to that, I was the type that played 3-4 rounds per year.

I am a disabled Veteran from the Vietnam Conflict. I was wounded three times and when younger, the pain was diminished by my enthusiasm. I now golf with severe pain in my neck as I have seven bone spurs that limit my swing. When first playing, I hit 3-4 shots that came within 6" of becoming a hole-in-one.

As the years passed, I accepted the fact that I would not receive a hole-in-one in my lifetime and was good with that. Just to be able to get on the golf course was good enough for me.

Today, 4/23/2012, I played the back nine with 7 straight bogeys. I stepped up to the 17th tee, hit my shot and it was laser like to the hole. The 17th is an 188 yard par three up-hill and difficult to get on the green. We saw that it was headed for the pin and I said, "it either hit the pin or went over the green," When we got to the green, I looked in back, could not see my ball and walked toward the hole. I have done this many times (wishful thinking) and looked into the hole. My Titleist was in the bottom. No celebration. Just glad that I had finally done it. I had five Eagles previously so this was anti-climatic for me. Texted my brother and within minutes I had 4 texts congratulating me for my efforts.

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This time It Goes Down

Playing with a buddy on a gorgeous Friday afternoon, I had been sluggin' around the yard pretty good (meaning not so good).

I had turned in a couple solid holes in a row when we reached the Par 3 14th playing 121 yards from the Back Tees. Wind was gusting to 20mph from left to right on this hole.

The 14th green is set on a slope down to a pond that must be carried to reach. The pin was middle back left at the top end of slope that speeds toward the water at the bottom of the green.

As we walked off the 13th, I mentioned to my guest, who was playing lights out on his first 2012 round and only 2nd on this course, that "the last time I played the 14th was during our Masters Par 3 contest where I hit almost Aced it; hitting it to 6 inches."

Well, sure enough, same pin, similar tee box location, and I played a punch 9-iron (with my Titleist 755 and Pro V1x) perfectly to the middle of the green with a slight draw spin. It checked and spun right, rolled 20 ft and just as it started to take the slope down, it found the cup and dropped in!! So I've played that hole at -3 so far this season (after 4 rounds).

It was a thrilling experience and great to have a buddy to share it with. Fortunately had just paid the prior month's bill with the Hole-in-One Insurance!!

Eric Johnson

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Good hop

I hit my 5-iron a little short, it took one big hop and rolled into the hole as if I had putted it. It's a great feeling.

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