Hole-in-one stories

After 18 Years

Learned to play golf at a pretty young age and have enjoyed the game ever since. Never really taking it too seriously, but never going 7 days without playing. And now finally I got my 1st Ace!!!

Happened on my first swing in a 2 man scramble. Didn't believe the ball was in the hole until we got to green and to be honest didn't know how to celebrate. Fortunately the bar tab was light as there was drinks already being served.

Man, what a thrill!!!

Don't need a second one, already got one.

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this happens to be my first hole in one after many years of playing golf. i'am a
13 handicap and have come close many times but this is the first time i actually
achived a lifelong goal.

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R Ramboyong Hole in One

Having our monthly Mabuhay golf tournament in a nice weather today, 4/22/12, and was having a good time with my buddies. At the 15th hole, 180 yards the wind was blowing against our face, so I pulled my #3 Hybrid, hit an easy low shot towards the right side and over a hump. We did not see my ball when it landed and thought it was short to the green. Upon arriving to the green we saw all the 3 balls of my buddies, and started looking for my ball. Until my other golfing buddy said, let me check the hole then found my ball in the hole.

This is my first one and was very excited!!

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Greg Toole Hole In One

What a great way to start a golf weekend with eight friends in central Fla.We were playing The Legacy Club at Alaqua Lakes in Longwood< Fl.on Friday afternoon. It had been a beautiful day, but a storm was moving into the area quickly. I was the first to hit and chose an eight iron for the 133 yard shot.I hit the Titleist NXT Tour 3 dead straight at the pin. One of my friends said you hit it a little thin but you may get by with it.I said get by with it I think it's in the hole! The ball hit and rolled about three feet into the hole. Hard to believe the least accomplished of the group (16 handicap) had delivered the hole in one. It was only made better by being on such a beautiful course with such a beautiful par three. After all the high five's and the others playing, we moved on to the 18th. tee. On the tee box the hard rain came,and we were lucky to finish. This was my second hole in one, and just as exciting as the first. Thank you Titleist

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Tim Carters first hole in one

I was playing a familiar course (Hampton Illinois's Golf Mohr) but my group decided to change things up a little by playing the blue tees. On hole number 8 at 178 yards out I hit a 5 iron that I thought would come up short, but instead bounced on and rolled right in the hole. I should have known my PRO V1x always goes a little farther than I think it will. My buddy Tracy Lampe hit one right after that one close enough for an easy birdie putt, but I still gained a stroke on him. With 3 witnesses, Golf Mohr gave me a trophy and told me they would be contacting the newspaper. Thanks Titleist for making a fantastic ball for an average golfer. I'll never use anything less.

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