Mr Gabriel Rocha

By: Gabriel R
Posted: April 29, 2012

The green, number 5 hole at Point West is like a half stretched-circle a bit tilted turning right in the back of it. The flag was located in the back right of the green, which makes it the most difficult pin position since the water is a few yards on the right and a sand bunker (at mid level of green) is located in the front of this pin position. Unfortunately, I could not see the ball going in the whole because of a slight elevation of the green and the elevation of the sand bunker tuck in the front of the pin.

The ball seemed to have landed a yard or so in front of the whole and since I did not see it bouncing, it must have rolled in. The most exciting part is getting to the green and not seeing the ball on the green when I knew I had hit a good shot so I slowly took a look at the whole from the back of the green and I did not see it until I actually placed my head on top of the hole and there it was tucked behind the pin in the back of the whole. Great feeling !

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