Hole-in-one stories

You can call him ACE

After a long day of work, I coundn't decide if I wanted to play in the Tuesday night scrambles at my local golf course. It was a last second decision and one I won't ever forget. Hole #4 at Clinton Riverside golf course, 144 yards, with a pitching wedge and the new Titleist Velocity ball. It hopped and in the hole it went. The filling was amazing and one I won't soon forget. I am in the military and the guys in the Pro Shop have always called me Sarge, so as I walked in after the round, they asked how I did, and my playing partner replied "you can no longer call him Sarge, you can call him ACE".

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Never Imagined It Would Happen

Playing a practice round before a Saturday tounament on one of my favorite courses, Bethpage Red, the day was already giving all I could ask. Beautiful sunshine, fantastic company and actually having a pretty good round (by my standards) through six. Then, on the 7th, one of our group had just stuck it pretty close and I was excited to watch my ball land and begin a roll to get inside of his...then it disappeared! I had begun to resolve myself to the fact that the special moments I'd have on the golf course would most likely NOT be related to MY golf game, lol, and so I looked forward to the occasional wildlife sightings. However, Memorial Day 2012, showed me that I can look foreward to making my own special moments. Thank you for being a part of my experience.

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Seven witness my first hole in one

Standing on the 17th tee block which is 25 yds from the 16th green were the other 1/2 of our golf group. I hit my ball and it landed in the middle of the green, satified with my shot I started to pick up my tee when the group ahead started yelling. Thinking that Johnny, Derek, Randy & Barry were just messing with us, I turned to Dave, Eric & Ulvar and asked, "did that go in?" they said yes and then we started celebrating. Great to have the whole group there to see the shot. Still smiling.

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First Ever HIO

Like many people, I've been within inches of an ace on several occasions but the ball just never seemed to go down the well. Well, Memorial Day Weekend was my time. We had two foursomes that morning at our usual 7:30 and 7:40 tee time on Saturday morning. I was in the second foursome and had been struggling through the first 12 holes. The 13th hole at Stonehenge can play anywhere from 165 to 195 yds. On this particular day, the flag was towards the front but I had been coming up short on this hole all year. So, although I realized 5i was probably too much for a 170yd pin, I refused to be short...again.

Also, the first foursome was ahead of us on the 14th tee about 25 yards to the right of the green. I was third to hit. I put my Titleist 1 onto the tee and hoped to hit a smooth 5 to the front of the green and allow it to roll to the middle and leave myself a 15 foot birdie putt. Again, I did not want to be short...again.

Caught it a touch skinny but the ball flight was a nice high draw that landed in the front right quadrant of the green...took two baby hops and then rolled about 5 feet before disappearing into the bottom of the cup. The group on 14 saw it go in and reacted before I even saw it drop. I jumped around like a 5 year old on Christmas morning, started running towards the green and them came back to series of fist bumps and high fives. I'm pretty sure the entire back nine heard us cheering and celebrating.

Anyway, that's my story. Traditionally, the player with the HIO buys drinks for the rest of the group. At our club, the guy with the ace buys shoes for the rest of the group and the group buys the players drinks. Kinda pricey but I'll gladly pay it for the chance to experience this thrill.

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Words can not describe the feeling I had when I saw my ball go in on the 4th hole @ Medford Village CC in Medford NJ on May 26th 2012.

We were a foursome on a bright sunny day, not a cloud in the sky. I hit a Titleist Pro V1x # 5 ball
It was a slight draw, hit the front of the green and rolled 15-20 ft. and gently dropped into the cup.

WOW. I will never forget the feeling.

I will now only USE Pro V1x balls.

Thank you Titleist!!!

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