Hole-in-one stories

Hillcrest Country Club Indy

Memorial day 2012. I had played 36 the day before and I didn't want to play today. My wife made me go. It was the 17th, a 217 yd par 3. I was playing with Mike Dunn and he had just hit a nice shot on the green about 7 ft from the pin. I made the comment it was going to tough to get closer than that, and I hit my shot. It headed left of the pin and hit right before the green and took a big bounce. On the way down it disappeared but I really thought it must have gone past the green. We were waiting for the ladies to hit and Mike decides to drive down and look. He was walking around behind the green looking for the ball and then walked to the pin. The girls were all doing the OMG what if it's a hole in one thing, and Mike walks over and holds up the ball and we thought it was a few feet in front of the pin. The girls hit and we drove down not realizing it went in. Two years ago at Kelly Greens in Ft Myers, on one of our golf trips, a lady in our group scored a hole-in-one. My wife Maureen was there for both. I'm thinking about renting her out as a hole-in-one charm. Funny thing is, I hit it with a Pro-V1 that I found on the course the day before. I usually play another ball because I'm not that good, but I hit some great shots the day before with that ball, and some cart paths so it had a scuff, but I stayed with it and it paid off nicely.

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Best Hole in One Ever

My buddy and I decided at the last minute to go play in a two man scramble at Arrowhead Heights in Camp Point, Il. We were a paired with two other pairs and were to start at hole number 11, a 345 yard dogleg right. The group before me hit and one of the guys went over the trees cutting the corner. We all thought his shot was going right at the green. I then hit and my ball was going on his same line but drawing further right. We all agreed that i prolly went to far right and would be on the back side of the green. Once we got up to the green and saw that the other guys ball was about 20 yards in front of the green we then thought may ball would be fine. We could not find my ball, until a guy on the other team looked in the cup and asked something like, Are you play a Titlies Pro V1 #3? I could not believe it and thought they were just playing a joke on me. Then everyone became silent when we all realized what had happened. I could not believe it and my legs felt like jello. I was in such shock that it took me getting to the next hole to really realize that I had just accomplished the rare hole in one on a par 4.
I do not think I will ever have another one of them on a par 4. It is def a once in a lifetime thing.

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Joseph Chesley Second Hole In One

My second Hole in One was recorded at Atlas Valley CC during my Invitational.
A Par 3 #10...was playing from the tips...151 yards...one hop behind the hole..then..sucked back...right in the hole....

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Dreams Do Come True

This year's Christmas gift form my wife was a five day golf vacation to Bandon Dunes. A week before the trip, I began having dreams of witnessing a playing partner (whom I didn't know) score his first Ace. I continued having the dream...night after night...all the way through the vacation. To my surprise, no Ace was scored while at Bandon. Upon my return home, I received a request to play at my club with a prospective new member. On the first tee, I told him about my recurring dream (which continued after returning home). On the 11th tee, the Prospective Member scored his first Ace...a 155 yard, dream come true! The dreams immediately ceased...and I've returned to normal, dream-free nights of snoring. Very corny...but true.

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Out of sight hole in one

A long, for me at 73, par 3 at 184 yards uphill into a wind. Cannot see the bottom of the flag stick. Knew it was a good drive and because of the elevation did not know where the ball landed. Could not find ball on the green and of course looked down the hill. A partner in my foursome found the ball in the hole. My knees were shaky.

My first hole in one, after playing golf since I was 12, happened 4 years ago. I guess things do get better with age. The only problem is, I have yet to see my ball go into the hole. Good thing I play 3 times a week. Maybe I will be lucky enough again and this time I will have a clear sight line.
Thanks, Titleist. My favorite ball for 5 decades!

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