Hole-in-one stories


In was on the sixteenth hole, 169 yards at Eagles Nest in Goshen,Ohio.I lined up with the hole and made an easy swing with my Perfect Club and the NXT flew straight landing at the front of the green. I saw the ball roll toward the pin but I couldn't see the base of the pin or the hole. When I approached the green I though I had rolled off the back. When I didn't see the ball anywhere, I thought well you could look in the hole. There it was, my ball with the Titleist name facing up. I was amazed! After nearly 20 years of play and several close to the cup shots, it had happened. I took a picture with my ipod but the shadow obscured the name. I

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De ja vu

Just hit my second hole in one! Happened two days ago same hole same club same type ball same pin placement same buddy in cart only it been about five years ago that I hit the first one. Happened at Eldorado Hills Golf Club in Norfolk Nebraska on the 155 yard par 3 12th. A titleist 8 iron was club of choice titleist prov1x ball and Corey Privett was witness. What an awesome feeling.

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Hole in One in KY

By: coryp5

Just a casual skins game at Providence Munincipal Golf Course in Kentucky. I think I got them on hole 15 with my hole in one.

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Very first Hole in one

By: pamp2

Our ladies league plays on Monday evenings and i was in a foursome with Jane Farthing Jane Webb and Libbie Wilson. i got a yardage with my range finder, pulled out my 54 degree wedge and decided i needed to change clubs. i changed to a pw and hit the shot 102 yds the ball took one bounce and dissapeared.. it was awesome i will never forget it.

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My Hole In One - 50217

I play with a bunch of guys whom we call the 3 dollar, 3 hour bunch! On hole #13 on the South Course in Cherokee Village, I used a 5 iron to hit about 195 yards. I thought the ball had a pretty good chance to go in but we didn't actually see it until we got to the green!
There was a lot of excitement as we pulled the ball out of the hole!
It is more fun to make a hole in one but it is also fun to witness one!
Jim Haney

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