Hole-in-one stories

Perfect Pitch

Having played casual golf for many years, my wife and I took the PGA Introduction to Golf series of five lessons from our local Pro (Jupiter Country Club). These were my first golf lessons ever. A month later June 15,2012) I hit a perfectly executed 7 iron pitch which would have gone 140 yards except that it hit the flag stick and hole simultaneously just 125 yards from the tee...a hole in one! Of course it was a Titleist NXT ball. 

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First Hole in One - 98462

I am 18 years old and a recent graduate of Abington High School in Abington Pennsylvania. I just wanted to Thank Titleist for being a very big part of my first Hole in One. On June 22, 2012 at Locust Valley Golf Club in Coopersburg, PA; on the Par 3 ninth hole (down hill 102 yards over water) I hit my Titleist 54 degree Vokey Wedge six feet past the pin and spun it right back into the cup - what a feeling! My Dad (Fred Carr) and two friends (Pat Stasio and Craig Draper) were my witnesses. We will never forget this day...Thanks again Titleist.


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First Hole in one

After playing 15 hooles with the same Pro-V1 I came to the 16th hole and hit a 8 iron to the green, it bounced once and rolled in, shacking the stick a littl.

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My 1st hole in one

We started on the back nine that day and the second hole of the day was this par three. I was the last to tee up and I hit a towering ball with my 8 iron hitting the green and watching the ball roll towards the cup and vanishing. My friends and I were not sure if it fell in the cup or rolled off. All of the fouresome were filled with excitment and I was proud to pull out of the cup, my ProV

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Ace without seeing

I was playing with my buddy Jerry Mesa and some other members of Oak Meadow Country Club as I was the head pro at the time. The other members were Cary Heitman and Larry Hobbs. We were struggling all day and got the the 15th hole which was a up hill par 3 so we could not see hole just the top of the flag. I hit a decent shot just left of the flag as is was fading right so we just got in the cart and drove up. When we got up there I thought I had hit the ball over the green so we were looking for it and then Cary said hey look at the divot and so we checked the hole and it was sure enough in it!! Oh and I was wearing abercrombie flip flops that I play in when I am usually messing around that day it was so hot that I just forgot all about changing my shoes. Needless to say I catch a lot of crap about hitting an ace in FLIP FLOPS!!!!

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