Hole-in-one stories

Hole in One

I was playing with a friend of mine at the Robert Trent Jones Capitol Hill Judge course. We were playing the hole #6 par three which is an island green. There was a 2 club wind with yardage to the pin at 165 yards. I was playing a Pro V1x ball at the time. I used my rescue 4 club due to the wind coming across the lake. The ball land toward the middle of the green and rolled over the hill towards the cup and out of sight. We did not see the ball go into the hole due to the slope on the green. When we arrived up on the green I did not see my ball on the green. My friend started looking off the back side of the green but I knew that there was no way that the ball rolled off the back. I looked in the cup and found my Titleist ball there. This was my second hole in one, both were made playing Titleist Pro V1 balls.

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Bills Bucket List Ace

This is a 151 Yard Par 3 uphill. I hit my ball with a nice little fade. It hit the green and went to the backside out of sight. Not seeing the hole, I thought the ball had gone over the backside of the green. Approaching the green a pair of golfers coming down an adjacent hole in the other direction was standing in their fairway and saw the ball go in the hole. As I approached they were bowing, yelling, and showing a thumbs up. It was a great feeling to walk up to the hole and see my Pro V-1 ball in the bottom of the cup. This was my first Hole-In-One at age 62. Another check off of my bucket list!!

Bill Howell

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Daves Hole in One

I was asked to play golf with some friends for an annual golf outing. The 17th hole is particularly long and has a small green with Sand bunkers both sides. I knew that I had hit a good shot, but we couldn't really see it drop, from the tee box. It was one of those days when the sun is glistening to the point where it was hard to see the green or the ball from any great distance. As we approached the green, I noticed a ball just in front of the green. I thought maybe it was mine. No no says my golf partner George, thats got to be me. The other 2 guys from our foursome, found their balls also. So I walked across the green figuring I must of went over the green. I was looking behind the green, nothing here. I was getting discouraged, because I knew that I had hit a good shot. Before taking a drop, I thought I better check the cup, just in case. I walked up, looked in the cup, there was my ball. I was so excited I didn't really know how to act. I asked George if he would come over and look in the cup to make sure I wasn't imagining it. The best part is I had good friends to witness and share the experience. Awesome Experience!!!

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My first hole in one

It was a particularly windy day in upstate New York, with gusts of wind about 40mph. I was playing in a skins league at Vesper Hills Golf Club with my partner Tome Stojcev, as well as Mike Stojcev and Judd Reed. We stepped to the tee on the par 3 12th hole and the wind was in and off the left. I struck my ProV1 with an 8-iron from 150 yards, and the ball landed a foot from the pin and bounced in for my first ace! Still can't believe it!

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History in the making

It was Sunday June 28, 2009, the second day of a two day tournament. Day one determined your flight and day two you played to win your flight. Day one was a disaster for me shooting a 105 and putting me in the middle of the 7th flight. When we approached the third hole on the Sunday round I was 2 over and feeling ok about my game. I pulled a 6 iron from my bag to play a 157 yard par 3 across water. I swung, made great contact, and watched the ball fade onto the green, bounce, and rest in the hole. It ended up being only the 4th hole in one in the 43 year tournament history. To my knowledge, there hasn't been another since. The rest of the day was a blurr, but I did end up shooting an 85 to win my flight by 5 strokes.

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