Hole-in-one stories

Second hole in one

This was my second hole-in-one in the past two years. I had played golf regularly for almost 40 years before I got the first one. In this case, we had a strong wind behind us and I hit one less club than usual to the back left pin on the 7th green. The shot was a high draw that landed about 3 feet short of the hole, bounced once, and trickled left into the hole. We had a good view of the shot, as this hole plays slightly downhill.

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First One after 50 years of Golf

Today was a beautiful morning in North West Indiana. I was playing a quick morning round with two of my fellow members. I was hitting the ball very well yesterday and one of my friends remarked you hit it close on 3 of par 3's, you are going to knock one in soon if you keep playing that way. Low and behold, I knock one in today! I have been playing golf since I was about 9 years old. I have never accomplished the "ace". It only took me 50 years to do it but it felt great.


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My Ace - 67925

By: tomf79

About an hour before our league play started we had about 1 inch of rain. I hit a very high 5 iron that hit 3 inches behind the pin. The Pro V1 made a large divot and the ball spun back into the hole. I have come very close to getting a Hole-In-One in the past 26 years but when it does happen the thrill is beyond belief.

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Three Holes in One All Titleist Balls

By: cjl1

I currently have made three Hole in One's over the past 22 years. Titleist DT90, 150 yard par three 8 iron at Pittsburgh North Golf course No. 3 hole in 1990, Titleist 100 compression balata holed in 1995 at Las Colinas Country Club No. 4, par 3 195 yrds with a 2 iron and a 140 yd 8 iron at Gleannloch Pines number 6 Loch course playing a ProV1. Too many near misses for one to mention but many eagles holed from the fairway. To the glory of a freshly opened sleeve of ProV1x's and the anticipation of the next hole in one; I make this toast. There is nothing you can hit that feels like a Titleist.

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Nothing like playing with your best friend and him witessing your 2nd hole in one. Playing in the city league here in northwest Arkansas hit a 9 iron over the top of the flag and sucked it back into the cup. That's why I won't play anything other than titleist equipment and have for 10+ years. Thanks for making great equipment and helping me with my second ACE.

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