Hole-in-one stories

didn't think I was gonna play today when one of my buddies called and challenged me to a match. Little did I know it would be one of the most memorable days of my life. I am 19 years old and played since I was 4. Having everyone always assume that I had a hole in one was starting to get old but now I can proudly say that I finally have one.

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Won a Car

I recently played in a tournament sponsored by the local Kiwanis. It was held at Rock Harbor Golf Course.
I was talking on the phone for business as my group pulled up to hole #2 which was also the hole in which you could wing a car. I hung up the call as everyone in my group had already hit. I asked them the yardage, which was about 165-170. I grabbed an 8 iron and took a swing. The guys were all saying "that could be pretty good". It hit behind the hole about 2-3 feet then jumped back and disappeared. All the guys started jumping around and yelling and I couldn’t believe it. Some local high school kids were watching the hole to make sure nobody was cheating and they started jumping up and down and yelling as well. That's when I knew it went in. we drove up to the hole, and sure enough, the ball was just sitting in there.
A local car dealership had sponsored the hole and the car was a 2002 Ford Thunderbird convertible. It was too funny and all we could do was keep laughing the rest of the day at how unreal it was. A very memorable first hole in one.

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Rick Castleberry

Was a last minute substitute in a City of Cedar Park Chamber of Commerce Tournament. Was subbing for a close friend who was the City of Leander City Manager. I hit an 8 iron and as I am somewhat long distance vision impaired (can't see balls beyond 190 yards) I didn't see the ball hit the green. My playing partners saw the ball hit the front of the green and roll 15 feet straight back to go in hole like a mouse (as they described it). The hole has a 100 foot drop.
My prize was a sleeve of topflight balls (couldn't believe I had a Hole-in-One in a tournament and only got a sleeve of balls). I gave them to the Junior program at Club as I only play Titleist ProV1 balls (preferably high numbers - I order custom number 7). This is my 4th Ace, but first one in 20 years. I play only Titleist clubs (710 MB Irons, SM4 milled wedges (52, 56 & 60), D2 driver, 910 3W and 3 & 4 Hybrid with GoLow putter in a Titleist Bag).


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demo driver

About three weeks ago and I was demoing the titleist 910 d2 driver and on the 17th hole a 240 yard par three I hit the ball right at the stick, being a blind shot I didn't see it go in and on the walk up I kept telling my friend it was over the green he told me that it could be in the hole. I didn't beleive him but when we got up there and looked in the cup and he was right. Now yesterday I was useing the same club me and my friend both played it off the hill and walking up to the green we both new there was a good chance one of us was in the hole, seeing one ball short. I now had 2 in three weeks I think it's time to buy the driver. I'm 14 years old

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Now friends call me ACE

The shot was playing all up hill, yardage 191 and playing 210 to an elevated green, the pin was in the back and you had to carry a front bunker. Since you couldn't see the ball go in the hole because of the elevated green, upon approach, I said "where is my ball"? A member of our foursome, said "why don't you look in the hole"! And there it was, a Titleist NXT Tour 4, in the hole. My first hole in one after 56 years of golf!

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