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Hole In one

Always use the Pro V-1. I'm a 0.8 handicap, was playing in a golf outing for work, of course it wasn't the "closest to the pin" hole and there was no BMW sitting there to win either, just a straight away 9 iron 141 yards in the cup. First one in my life and I've been playing since I was 5 years old. 37 now. It's about time!

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My First Ace

By: k.j.c1

On 10-13-2012, I went out early as a single, about 15 minutes behind a threesome. I knew they were in front of me so I was taking my time. I caught the threesome at the 8th hole, where they waved me through since they were all in the sand trap, short and left of the hole. I was a little nervous teeing off because my ball flight is right to left. I hit a somewhat fat 5 iron to a back left hole location. The Pro V1 started to draw but it was a gentle draw, thankfully not a hook! The threesome all saw it and I even yelled "Left". The ball hit the left side of the green and rolled right into the cup. I think the threesome was more excited than I was, I guess I was more in shock! I had all three sign my scorecard!
KJ Cavanaugh

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First Hole in One

I've been playing golf for about 25 years and came close to a hole in one a couple months ago when I slam dunked a ball on a 120 yard par 3 at my home course, but it popped out of the hole and landed about 15 ft away. I got my first actual Hole in One today, October 29, 2012 while playing in a seniors scramble at Silver Ridge Golf Club in Oregon, Ill. It was on hole #11, a 139 yd par 3, and I used a 7 iron and a Pro V1. It was extremely exciting, especially with five witnesses. Thanks Titleist for making a great ball!!!
Tom B.

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All the golf members of our country club compete to represent our club in the Collin County Ryder Cup event each year. It is a 3 day team event with the final day being a singles event. The week before the event, the tent from your company was set up on our driving range. I was so excited thinking I was going to get a chance to hit the new 913. I had told my pro that as soon as it was available, I wanted on. Well I found that this was a ball fitting. So I checked it out. The rep took the time to get to know me and seemed interested in me. He watched me hit asked me about my game and clubs and ball flight. He recommended the PRO V1. I started using this ball and found it comes off the club perfectly. Every time I tee up I know it will be just what I want. Day 2 of the Ryder cup I was teamed against a 4 handicapper. I was playing great. we got to the 7th hole a normally 140 yard shot. into a north wind of about 30mph. that day the tees were back at 168. with wind in the face. I hit the ap1 6 iron with a little draw. I felt the wind hit me in the chest just as the ball was on its way. My first reaction was anger, knowing that one of the deepest sand traps was about to give me a fried egg lie. I put my head down in and started to the cart. My Playing partner Robin, said hey you cleared it. I turned just in time to see it hop once and hit the flag stick. Plunk. The crowd, gathered behind the green, through their hands into the air. As I drove up I felt like this really seals the deal with the PROV1. The pats on the back and the hand shakes make you feel great, but knowing you can trust your equipment lead me to shoot a 72 that day. My best tournament score. Thank you for all your employees have done to help me get to this memorable day.

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Devine help

I agreed to play golf with my usual Sunday group the day following memorial services for my father-in-law Gordon. I stepped up to the first par 3 ( # 4) at Hell's Point Golf Course in Virginia Beach with a heavy heart, a 7 iron in my hands and the pin was 149 yards directly in the center of the green. The shot headed toward the right side of the green but I thought I had hit it a little fat and was worried that the ball might plug in the face of the right front bunker. Fortunately, the ball bounced on the backside of the bunker bouncing 45 degrees to the left and headed toward the hole. My buddies and I watched as the ball rolled, and rolled then disappeared. Hole in one # 3 but this one was not a pure shot as we're the other two. My Titliest Pro V1X (#3, of course) had alot of help so thank you Gordon for the assist. We miss you greatly but you're still around us and this golf shot proved it. I handed the ball to my wife that afternoon and told her the story. It was a moving and unforgettable experience for our entire family.

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