Hole-in-one stories

My First Hole in One

I have been playing golf for about 20 years and it was my first Hole in One.It hit once and then rolled into the hole. Very exciting.

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The Missing Tee Shot

This was my second Hole-In-One during my 50 years of playing golf. Jim Wheeler and I hit nearly identical shots on the 161 yard par 3 at New Albany Links in the league golf outing. When we got to the green one ball was on the green - Jim's. After we looked around the green for my ball for a couple of minutes, Jim announced "Eric, your ball is in the hole." That was a nice place to find a temporarily unlocated ball.

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Second hole in one

Tempature 50 degrees and windy. Playing a game of "wolf" with 4 friends. I was the last to hit and no one had yet been selected as the playing partner by the first hitter. I hit an easy 9 iron into the wind, one hop and into the hole. When the ball dissapperaed into the hole I immediately had a playing partner.

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My first hole in one

By: claym7

I was playing through two couples on the 4th hole at Dolphin Head GC on Hilton Head, SC when I knocked in a 6 iron from 173yds. It was nice to see the people clapping and excited as I was. It turns out I ended up shooting my lowest score for 18 (73).

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The Links at Terranea held their first golf tournament. It was a shotgun start, our first hole. It was a downhill Par3 - 122 yards. Pitching wedge with my Titleist Pro V - that I had engraved "4 under par 68". (I have yet to shoot even par, in my life!) I have been playing golf since 1996, I just turned 52 in September.

What makes this especially gratifying - The Links has no warm up facility! This was the first swing of the day, first hole of the tournament! The club Pro, Buddy Nichols was driving by and looked into the hole to confirm! It was a closet to the pin hole, Buddy said, "Mark that 0 feet, 0 inches, Hole in One! Congratulations!"

Too bad it wasn't for a BMW! ;)

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