Hole-in-one stories


The Links at Terranea held their first tournament today. Shotgun start, we started on the ninth hole. Downhill par 3, 122 yards - pitching wedge - Titleist Pro V1 - MY FIRST HOLE IN ONE. Just turned 52 years old, I have been playing since 1996!
What makes this especially gratifying...they have no warm up range! First swing of the day! 

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This was my first time on the course after serving a year in Afghanistan with the Marine Corps. It was my first hole in one, but what made this so special was the fact that I was with two of my friends who I grew up with on the course that I learned to play on with my father. As soon as I took my Pro V1 out of the hole, I called my Dad to let him know what happened.
Also, there were about two dozen golfers standing around the tee box who were police officers playing in a tournament. They cheered when the ball went in the hole and most said they had never witnessed a hole in one before. They all wanted to know what club I used and what the ball was. I think they all went in the pro shop and bought Pro V1s right after that. Fortunately, they had a keg of beer with them, so I got off easy by not having to pay the bar tab!

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Uphill battle

It was a gray and rain spitting day on our beautiful Mountain View course in The Woods Resort.
For the uninitiated, we are in Hedgesville WV....truly "by God beautiful".
The Club Pro, Chris, the club Champ, Dan, and one of the course Marshals, Kenny , made up the foursome. Every three holes we switched partners and after Kenny and I kicked proverbial butt the two hotshots wanted to prolong their partnership to prove our three hole success had been a fluke.
Yes, as expected, the two truly accomplished golfers both birdied number ten. 11 is unarguably the toughest par three on the course, 179 yards uphill guarded by bunkers, trees, and an undulating green. Rumour has it there have been only three prior aces on this one in the courses history.
Chris and Dan, with no hesitation and little apparent effort, put two consecutive balls on the green, but to the back and right of the pin.
Through a few snickers and mild trash talk, I took the T, girded my loins and took a shot, fully expecting sand or woods to the right.
Dead silence, dropped jaws, then four grown men screaming "get in the hole" , followed by screaming cheers pretty well sealed the competition.
Of course, I refused to get too excited until we drove the hill and I personally looked in the cup to retrieve the pro v1.
Thank you Golf Gods!

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Seven Oaks Number 14 with a PRO V1

The wind was strong left to right and against. Hole number 14 is uphill and you can not see the green surface from the tee. The ball was hit well with a slight cut to ride the wind to the flag. I used an extra club( 6 iron) to reach the middle pin. A witness on the next tee stated that the ball hit below the hole and slowly rolled up to the pin and fell. The Pro VI performed as designed.

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State Tournament

I am a sophomore at my highschool and our team advanced to the illinois state tournament and I hit my hole in one during Our practice round at the state course.

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