First hole in one

By: Michael M
Posted: October 11, 2012

I was catching a quick 9 holes after work. #2 is an uphill par 3, and today the flag was tucked in the upper right hand corner of the green. I didnt take a practice swing and hit my 7 iron with a little draw. I saw the ball hit the green and roll for a second and then it dissapeared. You cant see the hole from the tee box, and I just assumed that it had rolled towards the pin. When I walked to the green, there were no balls on the putting surface. I assumed at that point that I had rolled off the back, but took a peek in the hole, and there it was. Luckily one of the pros was on the adjacent hole, and I was able to have him come over and be my witness. I was in shock and chunked my drive barely past the ladies tees on the next hole.

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