Hole-in-one stories

My very first hole in one

I have golfed for over forty years and have never really come close to getting an ace. My mother has five, my dad has two, my brother has one, my son has one and my favourite cousin has three. All of these people are good players, but I am still better than them all and yet no hole in one, my cousin would always bug me and call me when he got another. Well the day finally came, a nice 8 iron, 167 yards, one hope and the ball disappeared. We were pretty sure it when in, though the back part of the green drops off, so we thought it might have gone over as the pin was cut in the back part of the green. I ran all the way to the hole and when I saw it in the hole, I yelled out and then proceeded to call my cousin and tell him I was officially in the club. The HOLE IN ONE CLUB.

Jerry Traer
Belleville, Ontario

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It's not a Hole in One, but from 141 yards on the #3 Par 4 hole at Pebble Creek, I put my NXT Tour S in the cup! I was just 8 inches off the fairway and hit my 7 iron. The ball went straight for the pin, bounced in the fringe short of the front pin then just disappeared.

The last time I did that was 30 years ago using a Titleist DT100 wound.

Thanks Titleist!

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bad day tmade better

well i have always like titleist and have played all my best rounds with one. i was a bit sick today when i hit the hole in one so i was already feeling bad and i played the first 7 holes pretty bad after my buddy put one one the green to a good distance i had to do the same we both play titleist and i hiot the ball bout 5ft by the hole on a hill it stuck and spun back straight in to the cup there it was my first hole in one at the age of 17 abd one week till golf try outs for my fourth year playing on my high school golf team i think it is a great confadence booster for me and will only make me practice harder

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First Ace

Blue Monster #15, Pro V1x, 156 yards, 8 iron. One bounce into hole.

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A first ace at age 69

Recently switched to the Titleist Velocity ball, and have gotten excellent results. Shot 78 on the day of my hole in one. Special treat upon leaving 18th green: Met course designers Peter Jacobsen and Jim Hardy, who had just played the gorgeous layout they built.

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