Hole-in-one stories

Par 4 Ace

My albatross came on number 18 of the Hills Course at Walden Lake G and CC in Plant City FL. I had played the back nine of the Lakes course which is in nicer condition, but decided to take my foursome to the back of the Hills to avoid the backed-up front 9. BTW I work at Walden Lake. I was playing fairly well, and I always have a boost of confidence on 18 tee, since it's an easily reachable par 4 280yds. I hit a little fade and thought to myself Wow, that's goin' right at the pin. We couldn't see the ball after it landed, and a few kids fishing around the green were yelling it went in!. Sure enough, my ball had taken one hop, and then into the jug!!

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First Hole in one

Warm day, with my gofing friends. Par 3 #9 at 170 yards, pin was in the middle, ball bounced once and rolled directly into the hole.

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My first hole in one

By: nickg1

Great round, I holed out from 70 yards on number one for birdie. Par on # 2. Par on #3. Par on#4 . Birdie on#5. Hole in one on #6 . Par on#7 . Par on#8 . Par on#9 par on#10 bogie on#11
Parred the rest of the way in

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My miracle moment

It was beautiful Friday afternoon February 22, 2013. I was playing with Andrew Sung & David Oh. (My usual playing partners) and joined up with another 2 some. (John Kim & Min Kim) On par 5, 16th hole I hit the best drive of the day, which left me with 187yards shot to the back pin on uphill green. I decided to hit one more club so I hit perfect 3 hybrid & found my #3 Titleist Pro V1x inside the cup. One of the best day of my life...

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Hole in One

I am 68 years old and and I was very excited to get a
hole in one . I had my wife and two friends witness the
happy occasion.

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