Hole-in-one stories

A long wait - 50014

I have been playing golf for over 40 years as a member of several leading golf clubs in Canada.Despite many close calls and an 8 handicap for years a hole in one had always eluded me.The periodic reminders from my regular golfing buddies was not helpful.Well on January 12/13 in a club tournament that all change with a smooth 7 iron finding the cup.It was a blind shot so we did not see it go in the cup until we reached the green and found it in the hole.I have always loved PRO V's and even more now..

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My First Hole In One

By: bobl81

Playing to an elivated green and I could not see it go in. But the fivesome in front of us, that were actually part of our game, saw it go in as they were on the next tee box. Took me 13 years to get this. It cost me a lot of drinks in the clubhouse but it was worth it!

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Elite clubs are not only for elite players

I'm a retiree in Central Florida and love to play golf with my 20 handicap. As I got older I hacked around with game improvement clubs and more flexible shafts until I realized that older golfers can still benefit from more workable clubs. I now play the Titleist CB Forged irons and my handicap is headed back down to a more enjoyable level

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It was a blustery and challenging day, like any other day at the National Golf Club but harder. We were playing off the blacks on medal day and I had a score going. The boys were chatting away as I stepped up to the 200 meter par three, 9th. It was into the wind and uphill so I was actually thinking about hitting three wood. The typical bounce at the front of the green is usually a good one so I stuck with me 19 degree Titleist hybrid. I nailed my ProV1x with a beautiful snap swing and it landed short of the hole and a bit right with a draw. The ball kicked forward and left and tracked right on the hole. From the tee I couldn't see it go in but the guy beside me, Tommy said it went it -how would he know, he's a foot shorter than me. I did the casual walk up with butterflies in my stomach and sure enough -it was in! I'll never forget that feeling of looking down into the hole and seeing my ball -I can summon that moment up anytime and it makes me smile. My girlfriend was surprised that I called her first to tell her, she said "What about your 100 golfing buddies?" I simple said -they're next!

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Ace in Cabo

Cabo Real Golf Club

Hole 7 - 114 yards

52 degree Vokey

#5 Titleist Pro V1

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