Hole-in-one stories

Jerry price hole in one after 45 yrs

I am 65 years old and after very recently switching to all things Titleist, I got my first hole in one. I have experienced a new level of distance and accuracy with my new Titleist forged irons, fairway woods, and driver which contributed to my lifetime goal of achieving a hole in one. THANK YOU TITLEIST!

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Bad conditions good results

This was my second hole in one. Conditions weren't too good in that it was overcast skies, cool, high humidity and strong head winds. The positive was that I could (along with 4 of my friends)watch it drop in the hole.

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Could hardly believe it

145 Out. Wind left to right about 10 mph. teed up an 8 iron. Threw it up high and left and let the wind carry it right. Landed approx 3 ft passed hole and it spun backward. Had 2 witnesses that went nuts. :)

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Katy Dunmire

By: katyd1

I thought I was playing one of my eclectic rounds but found out before we teed off that if there isn't a third witness,the round would not count. Our twosome headed out regardless thinking we'd just play a regular round of golf. Too bad for me,my hole-in-one wont count for our eclectic, but on the bright side I made a hole-in-one!!

About the Hole:
Number eight is the toughest and longest par three on the course, requiring a well-struck wood or long iron from the elevated tee box. Deep bunkers await shots that miss the two-tiered green right and long, while a beautiful deciduous oak guards the left.

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My first hole in one

By: saml34

Had gotten off to a good start in the second round by being 1 under through the first three holes when I approached the par three 4th hole, was 180 up the hill and pin was back left and the wind was in our face, I pulled 8 iron and dunked it right into the hole

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