Hole-in-one stories

My first hole in one

On February 11, 2013, I made my first hole in one while playing the Sanibel Island Golf Course, Sanibel Island,Florida.
It was on the third hole. It is a 129 yard par three hole. I hit an eight iron. I was using a DT Solo ball.

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Nikolai Kovalevskiy

Was playing with friends for a few bucks and got a hole in one and a double eagle in the same round. Great day!

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Chris daniels

I was playing at the course I work at with my buddy Joey and another member. It was raining and muddy and not a really good day to play but we did any way. I had shot a 50 on the front side and thought this was not going to be a good back side . We got to 13 and my buddy shanks his and the member does the same. Walked up and said I guess the green is open and hit. I didn't think it was in till I went to the hole. It's an amazing and sad feeling to turn in a 94 with a hole in one but its still a hole in one. This is Chris Daniels and this was done at the Club at River Forest in forsyth ga.

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My first hole in one in a professional event

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stono ferry hole in one

i used a 7 iron from 140 . knew i hit a good shot but could not see it fall in hole . thought maybe it went long never thought to look in cup . but there it was in the hole i guess everyone in my club knew as i yelled. very exciting golf memory for a life time

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