Hole-in-one stories

First Ace

I have been golfing for over 50 years and this is my first hole in one. I did not think this would ever happen. What a great feeling!

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My First Ace

I was golfing with Pastor and a friend the day after the Fourth. I knew I hit a good shot because it was going right at the hole. I figured the ball would land short of the hole and then just roll up onto the green. I reached down to get my tee the the guys started hollering about the shot. I looked up and couldn't see the ball so I figured it must have rolled across the green. The guys however were still excited because they saw it go into the hole. Even when we got to the green, the first thing I did was to look beyond the green, but they just walked over to the hole and started yelling for me to come and look what was in the hole. Sure enough! My first Ace!

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My fith hole in one

I hit my 5th hole - in - one number two. I hit it right into the back of the cup on the fly. In the air i yelled "Get in." And then it did I used a Titlist Pro v 1.

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my first one

i love it my very first one ya hoo.

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Ninth Hole N One

Jack Thompson made a Hole-N-One on his way to win the DFW Senior Tour golf tournament held at Buffalo Creek on March 26, 2013. Thompson aced hole #12 from 152 yards using a 7 iron into a brisk cold north wind. This makes Thompson's ninth Hole-n-One, three of them coming this year. The shot was witnessed by Brad Fenley and Willie Baker. This is my lucky year. I made an ace on 1/25/13 on hole#5 at Rockwall Golf & Athletic Club, an ace on 2/7/13 on hole #4 at Woodbridge Golf Club, and an ace on hole #12 on 3/26/13 at Buffalo Creek Golf Club all here in Texas. I know I am lucky but it is always a thrill to make a hole n one, at 61 years old I hope there is another in my future!

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