Hole-in-one stories

Father Son first

My son and father in law were with me and it was the first time either of them had seen a hole in one. Best day on the golf course ever!

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Dream Come True

Many times when I tee up on a par 3, I think to myself, "Is this the hole that will be my first hole-in-one." Today, when I teed up on Timber Trails #2, my 11th hole of the day, I said to my foursome, "I wish they would cut the weeds in the ravine, so that we could see the hole." As I looked at the flag fluttering in the gentle breeze, my thought today was, "Just a nice, smooth swing like when you practice." I struck the ball solidly and as I watched it track, I stepped to the left about a yard. I saw my Pinnacle come down on the green below the hole and run up and curl right, right into the hole. I was a bit shocked and didn't shout or dance like I had always envisioned myself doing when I had an ace. The excitement crept it as my friends took my picture and hugged me. What a treat!

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First Ace

Many times while teeing up on a par 3, I think "Is this hole going to be my first hole-in-one? Today, when I teed up on the par 3 11th I told my foursome, "It would be nice if they cut some of these weeds in the ravine, so that we could see the cup." Then my thought was, "Just a nice smooth stroke like when I practice." I hit my 7-iron smooth and it went up in the air tracking the whole time. I stepped to the left about a yard, so that I could see around the weeds in the ravine. I watched my Pinnacle hit the green below the hole and roll about 10 feet up and right curling into the hole. I seemed a bit in shock and didn't dance around like I always envisioned I would. But, the excitement crept in and my friends took pictures. I've been golfing for 9 1/2 years and this is my first ace.

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new hip

I had my 3rd hole in one 6 weeks after total hip surgery with a Pro V 1.

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Hole In One During Golf Tryouts

My high school is having golf tryouts and this is my first year trying out being a freshman. I was on the bubble to make the team so I needed a good round to secure a spot. My round started off normally with alternating bogeys and pars. Until we got to the sixth hole which is an uphill 150 yard par 3 and everyone in my group hit a good shot on the green. This made me a little nervous for the shot being the youngest in the group. I stepped up to the ball and hit a perfectly straight shot the hit the front edge of the green and rolled right towards the hole. We could not see it on the green but me and another group member heard it hit the pin. After hearing it we hurried up to the green and saw there were only three balls on it, I rushed up to the hole and there it was sitting there. This was the most amazing moment of golf I ever had and it couldn't have come at a better time.

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