Hole-in-one stories

Golf Lessons

It was a family and friends day of golf. My 15 year old daughter had started to play golf and had her first golf tournament in 2 days. Why not have a fun day on the course? It was a warm spring Saturday with a group of 5 and 3 tag-a-longs so I had a pretty great audience to witness the hole-in-one. Funny thing is I had just lectured my daughter about her attitude and form so she and her mother were not as ecstatic as I had hoped when the event happened. As I walked to check the cup, my heart was racing...Yep~it had gone in! I was elated and looked to my family for cheers but got sour faces...
After a few more holes, I got my well-earned celebration! It was a great day and hopeful for additional hole-in-ones! I was using the Titleist 2013 ProV1 #7 with a 9 iron.

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My third Hole in One

It was a windy cold day in Ocean City, Maryland. My buddy David (Mac) McNamee and myself were playing a round at Rum Pointe, on the second hole I hit a Titlest golf ball with my 7 wood that had flag stick written all over it and sure enough it hit a few feet away and found its way into the cup. It was my third Hole in One but the first that my buddy had ever seen, I believe he was as excited as I was. I instantly forgot how cold and wendy it was and popped the top on a Coors Light that I had in my bag and shared it with Mac. Thank you Titlest and the person who put the cup where my ball ended up. God is good all the time, yes all the time God is good.

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Hole in one

I was with 2 of my buddies, it was 8:45 in the AM on Sunday March 24th at Falmouth Country Club in Falmouth MA. I was on the second hole, a par 3 150 yard straight shot. It was 40 degrees and windy. I actually did not hit the ball all that well. It was a line drive that bounced before the green and rolled. We lost sight of the ball. I thought it rolled into the rough. As we walked to the hole we did not see a ball in the rough. My friend Tony ran to the hole and said you are not going to believe this....it's in the cup. I was so excited. Ihave only been playing golf for 2 years and to get a hole in one was awesome. I will never forget the feeling. I went on to shoot a 92 which is a good score for me. I usually shoot in the mid to high 90's.

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My seventh Hole in one

My Seventh Hole in one, All but one have been with titleist Balls. All at the courses at Hyland Hills.

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My First Hole In One

My wife Kathy and I were playing a round in mid-spring. We came to the sixth hole, and I teed my ball as normal. It fell off the tee. Re-teed, and it fell off again. On the third try, the ball stayed on the tee and I made my stroke. The ball landed about a foot from the hole and rolled straight in. Kathy started screaming and jumping up and down, yelling "It went in! It went in!" I had a completely
different reaction - stunned silence.......

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