Hole-in-one stories

Hole in One

After having rather a bad game and struggling with the weather I was 3 down at the turn and as I arrived at the 10th I had it all to do! I took out my 8 Iron and played the ball slightly off to the left. The ball drifted back in left to right bounced over the small hill front left of the green and slowly ran down the hill towards the hole, and then it dropped!!! the chap playing with me ran and jumped on me and I jumped up and down both screaming at the top of our voices , at this point one of the house owners that surround the hole called “George” said hey well done you got a hole and one !! I walked slowly down to the hole and retrieved my Pro V1 from the hole , at this point George produces two crystal filled glasses of whisky over the wall of his garden “fancy a nip he shouts” so Ian and myself took him up on his kind hospitality and partook in the celebrations of such a unique experience , that day will be etched in my mind forever but not just for the hole in one “whisky Georges “ kind gesture really sums up the spirit of Golf !!

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My First Hole in One

I got my first hole in one in Tri Country Country Club by Buffalo, NY. While teeing off the 3rd hole of the course, it doesn't felt good when I hit the ball (Pro V1). After i finished my swing, the ball was in a perfect flight and dead straight to the pin. After the ball landed on the green, I didn't know where the ball went so I looked at my buddy Kevin and he said "Dude, did u sink that in?" One of the guys from other hole came to the green and checked to see if the ball is in the pin. I was speechless when he put his thumbs up. It was one of the greatest moment in my life.

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hole in one

had my first hole in one today!!! It was one of the best feelings in the world!thanks to titleist for making such great golf balls! prov1X for my first hole in one!

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i hadn' t played this course in years and was invited to play in a Military Appreciation Day outing.

This was my second hole in one, my first being 28 years ago. the staff made me feel like a

celebrity. Pictures, introductions, the whole nine yards. What a class act. Thanks to all

involved. I won't forget this one for a long while.

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Hole in one

I am not a long ball hitter which is the reason for the #3 hybrid club. When I hit the shot B.W. said it looked good if it made it over the water. Luckily it did and with my small slice the ball bounced 3 or 4 times to the right and fell in the hole. I think he was more excited about the shot than me.

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