Hole-in-one stories

Hole in One

It was my second career Hole-in-One. The 8th hole was 147 yards, playing 157+ because of the 25 mile an hour wind. Used my Titleist AP2 6 iron. Hit 7 feet past the hole and spun it back in the hole. Love the new 2013 Pro V1x golf balls.

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My first hole in one

I had my first ever ,Hole in One ,after 25 yrs. of playing.The feeling was incredible.Now I'm looking forward to at least one more.But for sure I can strike this one off the Bucket List.I used a Gap wedge at 109yds out.Not very far but just as effective..Play On.......

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Tommy Geren

I was having a mediocare round through 6 holes and was down 3 holes in my match play. I won holes 7 and 8 and made a 25 foot par put on #9 to force my playing partner to make a 8 footer to tie the hole to win the front nine match - which he did. I continued to play well and actually hit the pin with my tee shot on the par 3 12th hole. I made the 6 foot birdie putt to win the hole. I also won the 13 to go up 2 holes on the back nine. I tied the 14 and 15 and came to #16 two up with three to play. I was the last to play from the tee. My shot hit the green about 5 feet to the left and spun into the hole. This was witnessed by all three of us. I then tied the 17th hole and won the 18th to win the 9 hole match as well as the overall total. What a day! This is my second hole-in-one and the sedond on this same hole.

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My First Ace

I had shortly returned from Florida where I go for the winter. It was my first round since being home. I was out with a girlfriend. We had caught up to the foursome ahead...4 guys having fun. As I hit my ball, I thought good I got it up and it should make it over the small creek and pond. Then I watched it land and thought great a par or maybe a birdie coming up. The it dropped in!!! The guys ahead were shouting and then I was sure I wasn't seeing things!!
Lots of hugs and congratulations. Still basking in the glow!!
Pat Fraser

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2nd HIO in 2 months

This is my secfond hole in one this season and my golfing career. I started using the Titleist Velocity ball last fall and have used it ever since. Now with the two HIO's I will only use this ball.

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