Hole-in-one stories

The Shot

I am 72 years old and have been playing the maddening game of golf for five and a half seasons. I was playing in my town's (Swampscott, Massachusetts) now annual golf tournament held at the Tedesco Country Club in Marblehead and Swampscott MA. This is my second year playing in this tournament. The tournament had been bi-annual but this year it became an annual event. It is a fund raiser for the town's 4th of July festivities. The format was best ball, shotgun start, with the highest gross score used. When we arrived at the 13th Tee there was a very congenial guy there to greet us. There was also a sign at the far edge of the Tee Box but I didn't pay much attention to it. I think I was the first in our foursome to hit. The tournament rules required us to hit from the white markers. The distance was listed at 125 yards par 3, though my GPS said 128 yards from where I was standing. I used an 8 hybrid iron and my Titleist tour distance ball. There is a large bunker in front and behind the green. I aimed to the left to avoid the front bunker. I took my shot and saw the ball hit the green to the left of the pin. Then I turned and went to my cart waiting for everyone else to hit. After they hit I drove to the green. I noticed the guy who greeted us was running to the green and I couldn't figure out why. When I arrived at the green I couldn't find my ball which was upsetting because I was sure I hit the green. I asked the greeter who was on the green, "have you seen my ball?" It was then that I found out why he was there and what happened. He said, "Its in the cup; you made a hole in one. Congratulations!" The 13th was one of two hole in one contest holes for the tournament and he was the Marshall for that hole. The sign was the hole in one contest sign. I was shocked. I never saw the ball go in but there it was in the cup. I took a picture with my cell phone. My prize was a complete head to toe golf outfit from Travis Mathew golf apparel plus a $500.00 shopping spree on their website. By the time we arrived at the other hole in one contest holes the word had spread. It was hole no. 3, about 168 yards par 3 and the hole in one prize was a new Chevrolet or $25,000. The hole is next to the clubhouse and I had quite an audience watching me tee off. Could he do it again? No he couldn't, but I tried. My shot landed on the fringe in front of the pin. The Marshall said it was the best shot he had seen so far. I made par as did the rest of my foursome. By the way our team did not win the tournament. The following is a link to a local newspaper article about my hole in one: http://www.itemlive.com/articles/2013/05/21/news/news83.txt I am still pinching myself. Did this really happen? It did!

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Double Double Eagle

We were playing in the Memorial Day Scramble with 4 man teams at Temple Hills Country Club in Franklin, TN. When our team came to the eighteen hole (which was actually our 15th since we started on 4), we were playing well but not great. The eighteenth at Temple Hills is a 491 yard par 5 up the hill. It has a creek crossing approximately 200 yards from the green. Larry Goosetree (Goose) hit an excellent tee shot that stopped just shy of the creek. From there, we had 218 yards uphill to the green. You can see the flag, but not the green itself because of the elevation change. I hit first and left my shot just to the right of the greenside bunker. The next player was Jimmy Wauford. He hit a 3 wood and was just left of the flag, but it took a right hand kick. Next, Goose hit a hybrid right at the flag. Finally, Bill Atkins hit a Titleist hybrid right at the flag. We were very confident that we would have a good putt at eagle. However, when we drove up to the green, there were no balls in sight. Goose went to the back of the green and found his ball, but no others. I then said that I would look in the hole… Much to our surprise and delight, both Jimmy and Bill’s balls were at the bottom of the cup!!! Two Double Eagles (aka, Albatross) occurred in the same group!!

Did I mention that they were both playing Titleist balls??

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First Hole In One

It was the third hole and I had just birded hole number 2. I took an 8 iron out of bag and was the first one on the tee. I hit the ball a little thin but hit the ball where I was aiming. We watched the ball roll for about 3 seconds and disappear into the bottom of the cup. We all started going nuts and I threw my club in the air. It was a great day and I went on to shoot 4 over for the round.

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Hole in one Memorial Day 2013

GPS said 160 yards to cup took a 6iron with a little draw ball hit about a yard off the left side of green on the hill and rolled down the hill about 25' into the cup.

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Third One

My partner and I were one up going to the last hole in a nine hole match. My partner hit first. He ended up about seven feet past flag with a downhill putt.

I hit next. My ball landed about five feet short and just to the right of the hole. It spun left and started rolling uphill toward the hole. As we watched my opponents got real excited, but I figured it would stop short.

It found the bottom of the hole. Match over.

I didn't get excited until we started toward the club house. Then I realized my heart was beating about ninety miles an hour. Pretty cool stuff.

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